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Planning and Design Reference Documents

This page provides for viewing and downloading electronic files (PDF’s) of original Association planning, engineering and architectural documents. The documents have been assembled from the City of Cathedral City Plannng and Public Works Department archives and from plans in the procession of Montage homeowners. The plans are provided for the convenience of homeowners to help facilitate their understanding of development infrastructure and residential architecture that may assist them in business associated with their residence in Montage.

Other documents related to your property may be available for various government agencies and can generally be located in government archives upon completion gand filing of an agency public records request.  Public Records requests are generally available at the county or city clerks office but may also sometime obtained at the planning or building department where you are seeking to find your documents.

Plan Viewing and Printing Instructions

 Clicking on a plan link will open the plan in your browser. You may use the “save as” command our your browser to download the PDF file to your computer.  You should know that these copies of the original plans have been made at full scale and are therefore on full size pages sometimes between 24″ x 36″ to 30″ x 42″ in size.  They can be reviewed and printed on different size sheets based upon the capabilities of your computer and printer.  The can be downloaded for delivery or, emailed or uploaded to capable blueprinting services for printing at full size.  You should contact a blueprinting services to arrange for the most appropriate and cost effective way to deliver the file for printing.  You will be able to tell the blueprinter what sized copies you desire by asking them to tell you the standard page printing sizes they have available. 

These plans are for your reference and convenience only, much as they are when accessed at a local governmental offices  and are generally protected by copyright.

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Montage Home Architectural Plans

The are the architectural plan sets for the different Montage home floor plans.  This plan sets may be incomplete.  They are provided to assist homeowners understanding the design and construction of their home in conjunction with possibly home improvement and renovation plans.  The Association continues to look for additional architectural plan sets for posting here.  If you should have a copy of the architectural plans for your home and would be willing to share those with the Association, the association would be willing to pay all costs associated with the copying and archiving of those plans.  Please contact the webmaster at for further information or to arrange for document reproduction.

Architectural Plans

Monet – Plan 1  Architectural Plans (Not yet available)

Chagall – Plan 2  Architectural Plans (Not yet available)

Da Vinci – Plan 3  Architectural Plans (Not yet available)

Picasso – Plan 4   Architectural Plans

Sales Brochure Floor Plans

Monet – Plan 1 Floor Plan

Chagall – Plan 2 Floor Plan

Da Vinci – Plan 3 Floor Plan

Picasso – Plan 4 Floor Plan

Montage Engineering Plans and Studies

These are the Montage street and subdivision engineering plans that contain detailed information about street location and construction as well as underground utility, stormwater hydrology, and easement information.

Montage On-Site Street Improvement Plans – TKG MAR 2001

Montage At Mission Hills Hydrology & Hydraulics Report – TKG  DEC 2000

Aldea The Vistas Hydrology & Hydraulics Report – TKG JAN 200

Montage Perimeter and Common Areas Landscape Plans

The plans located here are plans related to the perimeter and common area landscape.  They include the original development landscape plans installed as part of the development process in 2003 as well as conceptual plans for a landscape refresh done in 2012, a palm tree replacement plan done in 2018 and a perimeter landscape lighting plan done in 2020.

These plans do not include any landscape plans for individual homes.  All home landscaping plans were done on a lot by lot basis with homeowners working directly with the developers landscape designer for front lot designs which were completed at the time of construction.  Owners had the option of completing side and rear landscape plans with the developers designer and contractor or by seeking their own designer and contractor to complete the work.

Perimeter Landscape and Irrigation Plans

The plan sets include the original Montage perimeter landscape plans from 2001/2002 which were were later modified during construction. The original plans called for a large fountain at the corner of Gerald Ford and DaVall which was later changed to a planter.  Smaller fountains were installed at Gerald Ford and DaVall entries to Montage to enhance the appearance of the gates and entry kiosk.  No as-built drawings have been located so these drawings represent the best information available.  The perimeter landscape plans were approved by the City and any significant modifications to the plans requires City approval.  The perimeter landscape was refreshed in 2012 by to make the landscape more sought tolerant and to reduce landscape maintenance requirements.

Montage Approved Perimeter Landscape & Irrigation Plans – RMD SEP2001

Montage Approved Perimeter Landscape Modifications – Unknown ~2012

Montage Model Homes Landscape Plans (reference document)

The Montage Development had four model sales homes.  Each home had custom landscape.  The following two plan sets show the landscape designs, specifications and design detail drawings.  These same details were used in the installation of many Montage front and rear landscapes. This information is provided to Association members for their reference in hopes of improving their understanding of landscape design as it may have been applied to their homes original landscape installation in 2002/2003.

Montage Model Homes Landscape Plans Part1

Montage Model Homes Landscape Plans Part2

Montage Palm Tree Replacement Plans

The plans and information located here are plans related to the implementation of the program to replace Date Palm Trees around the perimeter landscape of Montage.  The plan calls for the replacement of 108 Date Palm Trees with Mexican Fan Palm Trees over an extended period based upon available financial resources.  The Date Palm trees were fairly mature in age and size when planted in 2002/03 and are reaching maturity at 35 to 50 years of age.  Trees are being replaced according to a plan developed by a certified arborist in conjunction with a landscape architect so as to conform to the remaining landscape, irrigation, and lighting plans.

Montage Tree Report – Tree Rite January 2017

Palm Tree Replacement Plan.

Palm Tree Replacement Program -Cost Accounting September 2020

Montage Legal Plat of Survey

This section provides an copy of the Plat of Survey for the Montage development.  The survey was performed by a registered surveyor to define and mark the boundaries of all properties existing after the parcel of land of land on which Montage is developed was subdivided for development. This survey is also known as a boundary survey or plat of survey. The surveyor will locates and measures evidence in the field such as existing property corner monuments (iron pipes, rods, etc.), subdivision corners, section corners, fence lines and lines of occupation. This information is then analyzed and compared with the recorded deed for the parcel to determine new property boundaries. Iron rods and permanent marker may be set at property corners to help identify property lines.  A survey map is then prepared showing the boundary location, monuments set, encroachments, legal description and certification by the land surveyor and filed with the County Recorder.

Montage at Mission Hills Plat of Survey


Rio Del Sol Development Plans (proposed)

Rio Del Sol is the Cathedral City residential development situated immediately west of and contiguous to Montage.  The property is being developed as a Planned Unit Development (PUD) in phases and by different builders. The land upon which Rio Del Sol is being developed is Indian-owned leased land and is subject to both City of Cathedral City and Tribal Laws.  Construction of Rio Del Sol began in the mid to late ’90s but further development has been intermittent,  based upon the sale of individual lots to developers/builders.  Approximately half of the 450 lots had been developed up until June 2018.

For a copy of an informational program provided to Montage residents at the March 2019 General Meeting Click on the link below..

Rio-Del-Sol-Impacts-Presentation 2019

Rio Del Sol – Board Report July 2019

Rio Del Sol – Board Report August 2020

Rio Del Sol – General Meeting Report – March 2021

Rio Del Sol – Montecito Neighborhood Architectural Plans – May 2018

The Montecito Neighborhood Architectural Plans are comprised of over 50 full-sized pages of architectural drawings and plan information.  The plan set has been broken down into discrete sections to simplify downloading, viewing, and printing.  To help understand visual impacts from Montage residences it may help to first locate the position you Montage home along the common boundary with Montecito, determine the Home Plan Number (1,2,3), and then view the rear facade of the Home Plan contiguous to your property or toward which your home will view.

Due to the size of files, file opening and downloading times may be extended.

Montecito Homes Plans Index

Montecito Homes Home-type Distribution

Montecito Models Precise Grading Plans

Montecito Home Plan One – Floor plan, elevations, and facade treatments

Montecito Home Plan Two -Floor plan, elevations, and facade treatments

Montecito Home Plan Three – Floor plan, elevations, and facade treatments 


Architectural Improvement Request Form (Association Form)

The Homeowners Association Architectural Review Committee (ARC) must review any proposed changes or improvements to the front of your home or yard. Prior to preparing or submitting an Architectural Improveent Request (AIR) please contact the Chair of the Architectural Review Committee for clarification. The form may be submitted to either the current Development Liaison at the property management company or the Chair of the Architectural Review Committee. Contact information for Montage at Mission Hills property management company and Architectural Review Committee Chair can be found by Clicking Here. The Montage at Mission Hills  Architectural Improvement Request Form (AIR) is available to download, view and complete by Clicking Here.

Artificial Turf Requirements

If you submitting an Architectural Improvement Request (AIR) related to the installation of artificial/synthetic turf you will need to read, fill-out and submit an Artiifical Turf Requirements Form with your AIR.  You can read and download an Artifical Turf Requirements Form by Clicking Here.

Solar Installation Guidelines

If you are submitting a AIR related to the installation of a new solar array, you should read the Solar Installation Guidelines which you can review and download by Clicking Here.



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