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Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial Turf Request Requirements

All installations must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and submissions must include and Architectural Improvement Request (Click Here) with an Artificial Turf Requirements Form (Click Here) and the following materials and information:

A completed Architectural Improvement Request (AIR) including plot plan and a description of the artificial turf system that will be used, including specific information on:

  • Artificial grass surface materials to be used
  • Definition of type and depth of aggregate base materials and site construction plan
  • Definition of soil-stabilizing fabric, including permeability spec sheet (MSDS)
  • Definition of infill materials including spec sheet (MSDS)
  • Definition of seaming materials and adhesives including spec sheet (MSDS)
  • A 12ʺ x 12ʺ sample of the exact artificial turf surface material to be used.  (Nylon carpet is NOT acceptable)

Substitutions prior to construction will NOT be allowed without prior approval.

Minimum requirements for Artificial Turf Systems are as follows:

Primary layer on native soil—non-woven, highly permeable soil-stabilizing fabric for the soil type and conditions of the installation. Fabrics must be porous and not impede infiltration of normal watershed to appropriate drainage solutions required by any other related CC&Rs of Montage at Mission Hills.

  • The synthetic turf product must be 100% Made in the USA to ensure quality.
  • Pile height should be from 1-1/2ʺ to 2-1/4ʺ and MUST be UV stabilized.
  • Minimum 3ʺ to 5ʺ of appropriate compactable aggregate base with subsequent or additional imported base materials and fabric layers, as required.
  • Decomposed granite is NOT allowed. Road base, which is 3/4ʺ crushed granite or ground-up concrete is best, i.e. a Class 2 road base. Infill materials, type and amount per square foot, installed, as suggested by the turf manufacturer or based upon standard industry guidelines.
  • Lawns that merge together should have a 24ʺ–36ʺ setback to avoid real grass.


  • Acceptable turf surface fibers are Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP).
  • A minimum 8-year manufacturer warranty against UV degradation (fading and discoloration) is required. The style and color selection must complement adjacent natural lawns and landscape grass within the community. It must also meet or exceed ASTM standards. (It is recommended
    that you purchase a product that has a 15-year warranty, not the minimum 8-year warranty.) Turf must also be compatible with adjacent or nearby artificial turf. (It must be installed in the same direction as neighboring turf.)
  • Acceptable backing materials include perforated, vertically draining, polyurethane-coated materials that provide optimum turf bind and maximum permeability.
  • Acceptable infill materials include: acrylic-coated silica (quartz granules), thermoplastic elastic-coated silica sand, ZeoFill (zeolite) pet infill, or semi-round silica sand. Silica sand infill requires 3 to 5 lbs. per sq. ft. and should be brushed in.
  • Sub-angular silica sand (playground or paver sand) may NOT be used as infill.
  • Color should be field/spring green with olive/brown thatch and have the appearance of over-seeded Bermuda grass.
  • Turf blades should have a blade shape in order to stand up and not lie down.
  • A professional contractor must perform the installation. A D-12 Synthetic Products Contractor license, or a C-27 Landscaping Contractor license is required. A reputable company should have installers with these licenses. (A one-year warranty on installation is the standard.)
  • Proper installation is a major component of a satisfactory end result.
  • Surfaces must appear seamless and edges must appear natural and well-groomed at all times. Any deviation from a natural look due to improper installation or lack of maintenance will be a violation of these requirements.



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