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What is a Homeowner Association?


The Montage at Mission Hills Homeowners Association is a legal entity formed under the tenets of the California Civil Code beginning with Section 4000 commonly known as the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act. This act governs common interest developments like condominiums, cooperatives, and planned-unit development communities in California, and also includes homeowners associations.

Under California law, a developer of a common interest development is able to create a homeowner association (HOA) to govern the development. As part of creating the HOA, the developer records a document known as the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) against the units or parcels within the HOA with the county recorder.

Even though it is not a governmental entity, the HOA operates like one in some respects. As recognized by the Supreme Court of California, the Declaration of CC&Rs is the constitution of the HOA and is legally binding upon residents to the extent that it does not conflict with state or federal law. CC&Rs, once properly recorded, are presumed valid until proven otherwise.

What does a Homeowners Association do?

The Association has all of the powers of a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, generally to act as necessary and proper for the peace, health, comfort, safety and general welfare of the homeowners, subject to the limitations set forth in the CC&Rs.

The Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) state who and what we are and the By-Laws state how we are governed. The Community Rules and Regulations are the framework for living and ownership in Montage as adopted by the Board and approved by homeowners. By accepting a Deed at closing, all homeowners within the Association agree to abide by these governing documents.

A Board of Directors, elected by the Association property owners, governs the affairs of the Association. The property management company manages day-to-day Association business on behalf of the Board.

The Association Board may enact and enforce rules, which are legally binding upon residents as long as they do not conflict with the CC&Rs or state or federal law. Board meetings, like the boards of government agencies, are generally open to HOA members, with some exceptions. As with government agencies, courts generally defer to the broad discretion HOAs enjoy in discharging their duties.

The Association is also allowed to charge regular fees to homeowners within the development (comparable to taxes). These are used for functions like paying for security and maintaining common areas like the detention basin, entrances, gates and walls, perimeter landscaping, lighting, and so on. The Association can levy fines or sue homeowners for damages and/or injunctive relief to enforce the Association’s rules and CC&Rs.

May I attend Board meetings?
Board meetings are open to all residents and property owners. Because the meetings are held on alternative months and sometimes vary in location, please contact the property management company or one of the Association Board Members to find out the date, time and location of the next Board meeting.
Who is allowed to vote at the Annual Homeowner’s Association meeting?

Each property is designated one vote as described in the CC&Rs. Generally, the property owner votes in matters requiring full Association consideration, but it may be any one person who can look out for the property interests that votes for the property owner, or the property owner may designate a proxy simply by downloading the Proxy Form from the Forms page of the website.

Where do I mail correspondence to the Board?

Correspondence is mailed to our current property manager. The current mailing address for all correspondence is Montage at Mission Hills Homeowners Association, c/o Personalized Property Management, 69850 Adelina Road, Cathedral City, California, 92234.

You may also use the Contact Us page on this website and contact form provided there.

You may also email communications to the assigned Montage at Mission Hills Community Manager. Please contact the property management company to determine the current Community Manager assigned to Montage and obtain email contact information.

How can I make a suggestion to the Board?

We welcome homeowner input. We want to make improvements that further the value of everyone’s investment. Please use our Contact Us page on the website and the convenient Contact Us Form and send us your thoughts or suggestions.

How does the Homeowners Association communicate with residents?

We communicate in many ways, and strive to keep residents informed on all issues effecting Montage. The California Civil Code sets forth specific methods of delivery of documents from the Association to its members, including (among other ways) the following methods: (1) personal delivery; (2) via first class mail; (3) via email, fax or other electronic means, provided the member recipient has agreed in advance to that method of delivery.

Montage is attempting to “go green” and at the same time control costs. The Association would prefer to use electronic communications whenever possible. In order for Montage to use email and other electronic means to communicate with homeowners, the homeowner must approve and authorize the property management company, as agents for Montage at Mission Hills Homeowners Association, and/or the Association itself to initiate an Association-related notification and delivery of Association official documents by electronic means to the homeowner. To grant that approval and authorization the homeowner can complete a Member Authorization for Electronic Document Distribution Form and transmit the form to the property manager. This form can be found on the Forms section of this website.

The primary communication tools in use by the Association include:

Community Bulletin Board. Our primary public means of communication concerning community meetings and need to know information is the Montage Bulletin Board located on the wall at the intersection of Van Gogh Road and Di Vinci. The Board meeting agenda will be posted on the message board at least four (4) days before each board meeting.

Email: Email blasts tailored to specific issues, events, and news are sometimes used. The subject line will provide information about what the “blast” contains. When documents are transmitted to Montage members, distribution lists do not display individual recipients email addresses to protect resident privacy.

In order to receive electronic distribution of materials residents must authorize the property management company as agents for Montage at Mission Hills HOA and/or the Association to initiate an Association-related notification and delivery of Association official documents by electronic means. An authorization form is available for downloading on this website in the Forms section of the website.

Montage at Mission Hills Newsletter. This publication is produced and distributed bi-monthly and emailed to all residents who have authorized electronic distribution and receipt of Association materials. The newsletter contains important information related to the day-to-day operation of the Association as well as information of assistance to residents. If you have suggestions regarding the newsletter or wish to have contributions considered, please contact the property management company or a member of the Board of Directors. If you are not receiving a copy of the newsletter please contact the property management company using the Contact Us form on this website.

Montage at Mission Hills Website. This website ( is the official public website of Montage at Mission Hills and is maintained by Association volunteers. The website contains information relative to the activities of the Board of Directors and information of value to homeowners, residents, realtors and future residents of Montage at Mission Hills. You will find useful information about home maintenance, copies of past newsletters, Board of Directors’ Minutes, informational links, downloadable copies of the Governing Documents and many other helpful informational contributions.

Montage Nextdoor Website. This website ( is an “unofficial” social networking website for Montage at Mission Hills. This site is a members only, by invitation, website that provides the Association with a hosted social networking site which allows for resident interaction, discussion groups, lost and found, classifieds, free items, as well as a number of other features. This website also provides the opportunity for communication and information sharing with members of surrounding homeowners associations. To become a member of the Montage Nextdoor network contact the Association Webmaster.

 Monthly Board Meetings. The Board of Directors’ bimonthly meetings are held at the property management company offices. The General Membership Meeting is held in March at a venue selected to accommodate a large number of residents. The venue may change from year to year, but will be identified in the annual General Meeting notice that is mailed to each homeowner.

The Board generally meets the second week of the month on alternating months (January, March, May, July September, and November). Contact the property manager for the exact date and time of the meeting. Association members are welcome to attend — whether you are an owner or a tenant. This is where the business of the Association is discussed, as well as questions received from our residents.

US Mail. As the Board of Directors has adopted a policy to “go green” as often as we can with our information, only items required to be mailed by the Montage and Mission Hills Governing Documents are sent by US Mail. This includes our Annual Meeting notification and proxy documents, Association Dues Coupon Books, as well as official financial information and the various Association financial documents. Copies of this information can also be found on this website.

Flyers and Print Pieces. At the present time we do not use flyers for dissemination of information.

Should you have questions or concerns about communications, please use our Contact Us link on the home page or send questions to the property management company.

I would like to serve as an Association officer. How do I volunteer for that?

Election of officers takes place every year. Half of the Board Officers are elected each year to help provide continuity of leadership. There is no limit to the number of years or consecutive terms a Board Member can serve.

If you are ready and interested to serve, contact a Board Member for further information. When you are ready you can complete a Board of Directors Nomination Form found on the website in the Form Section and submit it to the property management company. There are other opportunities to serve your community on committees and projects as well. Contact a current Board Member or use the Contact Us form on the website for further information.

Who Is our Montage at Mission Hills Property Management Company and Community Manager?

Presently, our property management company is Personalized Property Management, 69850 Adelina Road, Cathedral City, California, 92234. Their phone number is (760) 325-9500. Our Senior Community Manager is Shelly Ruegsegger and she can be reached at



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