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Board of Director's Honor Roll

Montage at Mission Hills Homeowners Association Leadership

The Montage at Mission Hills Homeowners Association has had the good fortune to have many fine leaders throughout its history. The following is Montage at Mission Hills Homeowners Association Board of Directors Honor Roll of those individuals to whom we wish to give recognition and extend our sincere appreciation for their leadership and service to the Association.

Montage Community Managers Since 2003

Tony Marino   MAY 2002 to Oct 2004
Dayton Dickey    OCT 2004 to FEB 2007
Bobbie Stone   FEB 2007 to AUG 2007
Shelly Ruegsegger   AUG 2007 to NOV 2007
    MAR 2015 to PRESENT
Jennifer Zeivel   NOV 2007 to MAR 2015

Montage at Mission Hills Board Members Since 2003

Al Chavez   JAN 2003 to MAR 2004
Judge Frank Mitchell   AUG 2004 to MAR 2007
Pam Price   AUG 2004 to MAR 2005
Tom  Tousignant   MAR 2004 to PRESENT
Lars Hanson   MAR 2005 to SEP 2007
Jerry Stamper   JUL 2005 to MAR 2013
    MAR 2014 to FEB 2015
Vincent “Skip” Sanchez   JUL 2005 to MAR 2011
Robert Wills   MAR 2007 to SEP 2008
Lee Ann Ellenz   SEP 2007 to MAR 2010
Sandy Nips   SEP 2008 to MAY 2013
Candy Kaufer   MAR 2010 to MAY 2011
Curtis Beyer   MAR 2011 to JAN 2016
    MAR 2018 to Jun 2021
Lloyd “Nick” Nickerson   MAR 2011 to MAR 2014
    MAR 2016 to MAR  2018
Robert Fouyer   MAY 2011 to MAR 2015
Michelle Madison   MAY 2013 to MAR 2016
Mary Weiler   MAR 2015 to MAR 2016
Thomas Reed   FEB 2015 to APR 2015
Leo Schlesinger   APR 2015 to MAR 2016
    SEP 2017 to MAR 2019
Alan Horwitz   MAR 2016 to MAR 2020
Scott Reese    MAR 2017 to JUL 2017
Gary Roman   MAR 2017 to PRESENT
Tony Michaelis   MAR 2017 to PRESENT
Norm Giere   MAR 2020 to PRESENT
Thomas Harp   July 2021 to PRESENT



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