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Ideally the Committee is comprised of a Chairperson and four members. The Committee is always looking for volunteers, so please get involved. Members with background, training or interest in fields associated with planning, design or construction are particularly encouraged to join.



The Architectural Review Committee maintains an online library of informational resources on the Committee webpage and is responsible for oversight of overall architectural and visual aesthetics of the Montage at Mission Hills development. It is the responsibility of this Committee to enforce the CC&Rs and the Rules and Regulations in order to preserve the harmony and overall aesthetic beauty of the Montage community. The architectural and landscaping design of Montage represents a valuable asset that all property owners share. The Committee reviews Architectural Improvement Requests for compliance with architectural and landscape standards and requirements as set out in the Governing Documents.  AIR reviews are performed on a monthly basis and recommendations for approval or disapproval are submitted to the Board for their consideration and action. The Committee performs periodic inspections of facade architecture, lighting, and front landscaping to ensure the visual continuity and aesthetics envisioned in the original development plan is maintained.



Residential Exterior Inspections

The Committee conducts two annual exterior inspections for conformance to the Montage CC&Rs, Rules and Regulations, and the Architectural and Community Standards. The Committee advises homeowners of non-conformance through personal contact, letters, or emails and suggest solutions to remedy conditions. The goal of the Committee is to encourage neighbors to keep Montage in optimum condition and appearance, which in turn maintains property values.

Public Area Inspections

The Committee, in conjunction with the Association’s landscape maintenance contractor, conducts monthly inspections of the perimeter landscaping and detention basin to assess their condition. At this time the committee provides direction to the contractor to ensure that exterior and interior public spaces are kept in optimum condition and appearance to maintain property values.

Plan Review

The Committee responds to Architectural Improvement Requests (AIRs), and then reviews all proposals to build, construct, alter, or change any structure or landscape in Montage. This includes the installation of louvers, sun sails, trellises, pergolas, solar panels, satellite dishes, gates, home and landscape lighting, large-scale landscape restorations and conversions, landscape walls and sculpture, house painting, as well as any other changes to the exterior of the residence. Architectural Reviews are completed by the Committee to ensure conformance with the Montage CC&Rs, Rules and Regulations, and Architectural and Community Standards.

The Committee reviews and responds to the Architectural Improvement Request (AIR) submitted by homeowner’s within 30 days. Architectural Improvement Request applications are submitted to the property management company and distributed to the Committee. The Committee responds in writing and either Approves, Denies, or Denies Pending Further Information. The Architectural Review Committee’s approval of the Architectural Improvement Request is required before work can commence on any improvement.

 Budgeting and Finances

The Committee shall prepare an annual budget request for presentation to the Board in October based upon committee programming needs for the upcoming year.  The committee shall abide by all Association and Board policies related to the expenditure of funds.

Record Keeping

The Committee should keep any resource materials used in researching, developing, and making recommendations relative to the committee’s activities in electronic file format, stored on the Association website, or other suitable location, for future reference and use.


The Committee is required to submit minutes and those document should be submitted (in draft or final form)  to the Board of Directors within 30 days of a committee meeting.


The Committee shall provide a written or oral report including Architectural Improvement Requests,  to the Board of Directors at each meeting of the Board. The information shall be captured and described in the Board of Directors Regular Meeting Minutes.


The Committee shall periodically prepare brief informational updates for publication in the bimonthly Association newsletter to inform the general membership about the status of committee work.


The Committee shall prepare and present an annual committee report at the Association’s Annual General Membership Meeting. The information shall describe the activities and accomplishments of the Committee during the year. The report will be archived on the Association website.


The Committee shall submit any proposed updates, changes, or additions to the Welcome program to the Board of Directors for review and/or approval.




The Architectural Review Committee meets twice annually for exterior property inspections and then monthly to complete new business and review Architectural Improvement Requests. For more specific information about the Architectural Review Committee’s activities or about serving on the Committee, please contact the Architectural Review Committee Chair who can be found on the Board webpage by Clicking Here.





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