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Dear Montage Homeowner(s):

We would like to thank all of you who participated by sending in your ballots and/or attending the 2017 Annual Meeting at the Cathedral City Library on March 18. The Board would also like to thank Joann Horwitz and helpers for coordinating the continental breakfast and coffee.

Ballot items and their results are below:

Dear Homeowners, Thank you to those that submitted ballots for the Election at the 2017 Annual Homeowners Meeting. A total of 85 ballots were received. This was in excess of the 65 required to establish a quorum for the meeting.

The results of the Election were as follows:

(A) Election of Directors:

  • Scott Reese 82 Votes
  • Gary Roman 67 Votes
  • Tom Tousignant 84 Votes

(B) IRS Revenue Ruling:

  • Approve 79 Votes
  • Disapprove 1 Vote

(C) Approval of the 2016 Meeting Minutes:

  • Approve no changes 79 Votes
  • Approve with changes 1 Vote
  • Do not approve 0 Votes

Parking Patrol

Approximately 58 homeowners attended the meeting. During the meeting a straw poll was taken of those present on their opinion as to whether to continue with the nightly Parking Patrol. By a show of hands the vote was as follows:

  •  Continue Parking Patrol 3 (approximately)
  • Discontinue Parking Patrol 55 (approximately)

Election of Officers

Following the conclusion of the Annual Homeowner Meeting the new Board of Directors convened to a brief organizational meeting. At that meeting it was agreed by a unanimous vote that the Officers for 2017-2018 would be as follows:

  • President Nick Nickerson
  • Vice President Alan Horwitz
  • Secretary Scott Reese
  • Treasurer Tom Tousignant
  • Director at Large Gary Roman

Thank You

The Board would like to thank Michelle Madison and Mary Weiler for their inspiration, hard work and input on the Board the last year.

Again, thank you for assisting in making your community the best it can be.


Board of Directors

Montage at Mission Hills Homeowners Association


Should you have any questions please contact a Personalize Property Management or a  Board Member for further information.  Contact information can be found by Clicking Here.





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