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Paint Manufacturer’s Paint Scheme Webpages

The Homeowners Association, in conjunction with Dunn-Edwards Paints and Vista Paints, has teamed to provide you with downloadable paint scheme samples for your use. These samples may be downloaded from this page or directly from either the Dunn-Edwards Paints or Vista Paints web pages. The form and content of the paint scheme samples may vary on screen and in printed form based upon the capabilities of your computer monitor and color printer. You should visit the paint company of your choice to secure actual paint samples for the most precision in color correctness. The manufacturer’s paint schemes for Montage at Mission Hills can be found at the following links. These are the same webpage references that will be used by the local store to match your paint scheme. You must know your paint scheme number to order the correct paint colors. Dunn-Edwards Paints Color Ark web page Vista Paints Color Paint Archive web page

Paint Color Catalogs

These are the manufacturer’s full catalog of all the approved 2019 Montage at Mission Hills color schemes.  Each Catalog contains the 12 coordinated color schemes and three retired color schemes (Schemes 1, 6 and 9 from the original 2003 palette) Each color scheme includes a color selection for the homes main body, fascia/chimney cap, trim, stucco accent/garage door and front door/shutters/wrought iron. Because of the file size of the catalog homeowners may want to page through the catalog and then download the desired color scheme(s) for the  list of individual color schemes below.  Dunn Edwards Paints Montage at Mission Hills Paint Scheme Catalog and the Vista Paints Montage at Mission Hills Paint Scheme Catalog

Dunn Edwards Paint Scheme Color Samples

  1. Dunn Edwards 2019 Scheme A
  2. Dunn Edwards 2019 Scheme B
  3. Dunn Edwards 2019 Scheme C
  4. Dunn Edwards 2019 Scheme D
  5. Dunn Edwards 2019 Scheme E
  6. Dunn Edwards 2019 Scheme F
  7. Dunn Edwards 2019 Scheme G
  8. Dunn Edwards 2019 Scheme H
  9. Dunn Edwards 2019 Scheme I
  10. Dunn Edwards 2019 Scheme J
  11. Dunn Edwards 2019 Scheme K
  12. Dunn Edwards 2019 Scheme L
  13. Dunn Edwards 2019 Accent Colors
Dunn Edwards Colors Retired in 2019
  1. Dunn Edwards 2014 Scheme 1
  2. Dunn Edwards 2014 Scheme 6
  3. Dunn Edwards 2014 Scheme 9

Vista Paint Scheme Color Samples

  1. Vista 2019 Scheme A
  2. Vista 2019 Scheme B
  3. Vista 2019 Scheme C
  4. Vista 2019 Scheme D
  5. Vista 2019 Scheme E
  6. Vista 2019 Scheme F
  7. Vista 2019 Scheme G
  8. Vista 2019 Scheme H
  9. Vista 2019 Scheme I
  10. Vista 2019 Scheme J
  11. Vista 2019 Scheme K
  12. Vista 2019 Scheme L
  13. Vista 2019 Accent Colors
Vista Colors Retired in 2019
  1. Vista 2014 Scheme 1
  2. Vista 2014 Scheme 6
  3. Vista 2014 Scheme 9

Paint Scheme Legends

These paint scheme legends provide the manufacturer’s precise color name and color code for each of the nine paint schemes used within Montage. The legends are provided for both the Dunn Edwards Paints and Vista Paints brands. Homeowners can use these legends to identify the paint color name and paint color code for the purpose of purchasing paints at either paint supplier. Dunn Edwards Paints Montage at Mission Hills Paint Scheme Legend and the Vista Paints Montage at Mission Hills Paint Scheme Legend