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Where do I get my gate codes, remotes and key cards?

You should receive two Montage at Mission Hills remotes, two pedestrian gate card keys and two gate codes from the pervious property owner at the time of escrow closing of the property sale. You may purchase additional transmitters from the property manager for $50 and cards for $25.

You should also receive a transponder to attach to your inside rearview mirror to provide access to the Mission Hills Country Club gates. If you did not receive these devices please contact the property manager for Montage access and Mission Hills Country Club Membership Manager for Mission Hills access. In contacting the Mission Hills Country Club also request vehicle windshield stickers to identify you as a Mission Hills Country Club member.

Each homeowner has been issued a unique HOMEOWNER CODE to enter into the keypad for access 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Keep it for exclusive use by yourself, friends and family. Every homeowner was also issued the same VENDOR CODE for gardeners, pool services, housekeepers and other service workers to enter into the keypad for access 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Saturday.

You can request a special limited use code. If you are selling your home contact the property manager and they will provide a REALTOR CODE that opens the gate on Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you are planning a special function or party contact Heidi and she will provide a special ONE-TIME USE CODE for the period you need it, then it will be deleted from the system.

It is possible to program the garage door opener feature installed many late model cars to open the Montage gates. Refer to the instructions that came with you vehicle to program this function. For further assistance please contact the property management company.

Lost remotes and key cards will be replaced at cost to the homeowner. Please contact the property manager for information and costs associated with replacing gate remotes and keycards.

How do my guests and service personnel access the property?

Each home may have one or more names listed on the DIRECTORY KIOSK and an accompanying three digit code. When the code is entered the kiosk “calls from the gate” to a local home phone number or a cell phone number registered in the Continental United States provided by the homeowner. The property management company will add your name and program a telephone number (cell or hardline) into the gate kiosk system that will allow your guests, service personnel or delivery services to find your name on the gate kiosk and contact you. When they dial the three digit number associated with your name your phone will ring. After you have identified the person at the kiosk as someone you want to give access to, repeatedly press 9 on your phone to open the gate. You will hear a beep and the gate will open. Pressing 9 three or four times should assure that the gate opens.

I have lost my mailbox key -- now what?

The community mailboxes are the property of the US Postal Service. If you lose your key, you may contact the Cathedral City Post Office directly and complete a Replacement Lock and Key Form. There is a fee payable to the USPS to provide a new lock and/or key. Please contact the Post Office for the latest fee information and processes.

  • United States Postal Service
  • Cathedral City Branch
  • 33490 Date Palm Dr.
  • Cathedral City, CA 92234
  • (760) 202-8848

A second option is to contact a Post Office Certified Locksmith to install a new lock and provide you with keys. Ask your locksmith if they are Post Office Certified.



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