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Who has use of the facilities at Mission Hills Country Club?

The use of Mission Hills Country Club dinning, clubhouse and fitness center facilities are included in the Montage resident social membership, the cost of which is included in Montage Homeowners Association monthly dues. The facilities are for residents and accompanied guests.

For more information to arrange for a courtesy tour of Mission Hills Country Club facilities and service and to learn exactly how to access Club facilities and services contact the Mission Hills Country Club Director at 760-324-9400 or by using the Contact Us form by Clicking Here.

Additional information about how to access your Mission Hills Country Club membership benefits can be found by Clicking Here.

Can I reduce my Association monthly dues by not participating in the Mission Hills Country Club Social Membership?
No, the developer of Montage at Mission Hills executed an agreement with Mission Hills Country Club for the Social Membership of residents (owners and tenants). The agreement is for a term of 10 years. It automatically be extended for 4 additional 10 year terms unless terminated by one of the parties. The Association may terminate if we “…first have obtained the approval of such election to terminate from not less than 66.67% of all Owners of Qualified Lots as provided in the Declarations. Such election must be evidenced by signed ballots from all such Owners executed during the 90 day period following the commencement of the then current Extended Term…” The next renewal date will be December 26, 2020. Note a copy of the agreement is provided at the end of the CC&Rs.



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