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House Paint Guidelines and Resources


Updated House Painting Policy

This webpage was created  to help homeowners who are painting or touching up their homes.

In July 2019 the Board of Directors updated the Exterior House Painting Policy and Color Schemes to provide homeowners with more options in the selection of the exterior paint colors of their home and an improved process for gain approval of their proposed exterior paint schemes.  All proposed exterior painting of buildings, walls or other fixed structures, whether visible from the street or not, require prior approval of an Architectural Variance Request (AVR) in order to document painting date and color scheme and to provide for follow-up inspection. This includes partial as well as whole house painting. The updated  policy contains a process for seeking approval for a non-Pre-Aapproved Color Scheme. The new policy can be viewed and dowloaded by Clicking Here.

Architectural style and history are important considerations in selecting a paint color. The Original Color Schemes were created by the builder’s color consultant in 2002 to coincide with color historically associated with one of the three architectural styles (Italianate, Tuscan or Contemporary) in Montage. That paint pallet included three schemes for each of the Italianate, Tuscan and Contemporary architectural styles within the development. (Three color schemes or each of the three architectural styles.) Generally those paint schemes contained three to five colors including trim and details.. In early 2019 six (6) New Color Schemes were created to provide expanded and updated color options to complement the Original Color Schemes and preserve continuity of appearance within the community

Homeowners may now select a color scheme from one of 12 Pre-Approved Exterior Color Schemes irrespective of the architectural style of their home. The Pre-Approved Exterior Color Schemes consist of six (6) Original Colors Schemes and six (6) New Color Schemes.  The Retired Color Schemes are Original Color Scheme 1, Scheme 6 and Scheme 9.  These schemes are still available for reuse, but may be phased out over time.

The 12 Pre-Approved Exterior Color Schemes consist of 1.) Base Colors, 2.)Trim Colors and 3.) Accent Colors [if needed]. Each of the Pre-Approved Color Scheme consists of four (4) to five (5) individual colors with coordinated tones and hues. Colors cannot be substituted for within a Color Scheme. (Example: Base and Trim Colors cannot be interchanged.)  There are (5) five Accent Color Schemes (for front door and/or shutters only) have been approved to further add personality and an individual touch Pre-Approved Scheme  The homeowner may propose eliminating one Base Color within any Pre-Approved Exterior Color Scheme and must identify that color in the painting AVR submittal. The color scheme proposed shall not be the same as homes on either side or directly across the street from the home proposed for painting unless the home is being repainted in the Original Color Scheme.

The approved color schemes are available to view and print by  Clicking Here.


House Painting Approval Process

A proposed change of color scheme must be approved by the Architecture Review Committee prior to the start of work by submitting a variance request on an Architectural Variance Request Form and receiving an approved request. You can download an Architectural Improvement Request Form by Clicking Here.

Homeowners submitting an AVR proposing to use one of the Pre-Approved Color Schemes to repaint or touch up their homes may have their AVR reviewed and approved by the committee within 30 days. This would include requests to approve 1.) changing the color scheme of their home to one of the other approved paint schemes, or 2.) Request elimination of one of the colors in the color scheme pallet. The the approved AVR returned to the homeowner.

A request for a non-conforming color scheme will be considered and may be approved on a case by case basis. The process for seeking approval of a non-conforming color scheme is generally as follows:

  • Submit a completed AVR to the Property Management Company for review by the Architecture Review Committee.  The AVR must include color samples of the non-confirming paint colors for which approval is being sought.
  • If the homeowner is proposing a paint scheme which does not conform to the 12 approved schemes or one of the Original Retired Paint Schemes then the homeowner MUST submit a color request that includes the Base Color, Trim Color and Accent Colors that are being submitted for approval AND each color should identify, by number, which Approved Color Scheme the paint selection approximates.
  • The homeowner may be asked tol paint a 4’ x 4’ square of all the proposed paint colors on the side of the house in an area that can be easily viewed from the street for evaluation by the Architectural Review Committee. The samples must clearly distinguish the Base Color(s), the Trim Color(s) and if needed, the Accent Color(s).
  • The Architectural Review Committee may approve the proposed color scheme if it believes the proposed paint scheme maintains the integrity of the neighborhood and results in a consistent and harmonious neighborhood character, one that is architecturally and artistically pleasing and promotes a consistently appealing appearance in the neighborhood.
  • The process of approving a non-confirming paint scheme may result in a longer than the 45-day maximum normal time frame for review. The decision by the Architecture Review Committee will be in writing. If a proposed change is disapproved, the Committee’s decision will include both an explanation of why the proposed change is disapproved and a description of the procedure for reconsideration of the decision.

The owner of any home painted without an approved AVR, or with colors that differ from the approved AVR, may be called to a hearing before the Board of Directors to explain their actions. Following the hearing the Board may require the re-painting of the home at the homeowner’s expense.


Color Matching and Selection

If you are using one of the Pre-Approved Paint Schemes you, or your painting contractor, will be able to simply go to the sales staff at either Dunn Edwards Paints or Vista Paints on Perez Road near Date Palm and tell them you live in Montage at Mission Hills. Give them your paint scheme number and they will be able to find the precise Dunn Edwards or Vista Paint colors that match your home. No more guessing, looking for old paint cans or detective work.

Homeowners are not required to use Dunn-Edwards and Vista Paint brands. Homeowners may bring paint swatches to most brand name paint suppliers for color matching. When proposing a different brand of paint color, please reference the Dunn-Edwards or Vista Paint colors matched on the AVR.

Here’s how it works. Montage Homes were originally painted with paint supplied by either Dunn Edwards Paints or Vista Paints and both company stores have maintained paint archives of updated Montage paint schemes over the years. Those paint archives sometimes become out of date, old colors having been replaced by new ones with different names and paint codes. Working with both Dunn Edwards Paints and Vista Paints representatives we have been able to update each of their in-store and online paint archives. Note that updated colors may not be precisely exact to the original color due to changes in color technology and materials since your home was last painted. New paint will not match the current color on your home due to the age and deterioration of color resulting from weather and exposure to the sun.

The new Dunn Edwards and Vista in-store / supplier paint archives for Montage at Mission Hills can be found at each paint suppliers website. Paint scheme PDF samples may be downloaded from the supplier sites or the Montage and Mission Hills website. After reaching the supplier webpage you only need enter the 92234 zip code, enter / select Montage at Mission Hills and then select and download your color scheme. Note that on-screen and printer color representations will vary from actual paint colors due to variance in printers and monitors.

Dunn-Edwards Paints Color Ark web page (new pre-approved color schemes)

Vista Paints Color Paint Archive web page (new pre-approved color schemes)

The Board of Directors would like to thank Dunn Edwards Paints and Vista Paints for their cooperation and support in making these paint archives available. While the Board does not endorse contractors or suppliers, most homeowners have been very satisfied with the paint and services provided by these suppliers.

Remember to submit an Architectural Improvement Request form before initiating any changes to the exterior of your home.

If you have any questions please contact the Chair of the Architectural Review Committee. The names of all committee chair persons can be found by Clicking Here.


Maps and Archival Information

The following archival  information is provided as an assistance to the homeowner in determining their current paint scheme and those of surrounding homes.  The information is archival and updated from time to time so care should be taken to evaluate the information for correctness at the time of submitting an AVR.