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2015 Surveillance Camera Installation Poll

Residents Support Installation of Closed Circuit Gate Cameras

Residents have periodically suggested the idea of installing surveillance cameras. In fall 2015, the Board of Directors formed a three-person committee comprised of two board members and a representative from the Website Committee to conduct a straw poll seeking information about homeowner opinions about installing surveillance cameras at the Da Vall Drive and Gerald Ford Drive entry gates. 

The Board wanted to determine what level of support there might be for an Association expenditure of $20,000 to $25,000 for surveillance camera installation if it meant there would be a special assessment of $160 to $200 per home to pay for the program. Payment could be made in a single installment, or $14 to $17 could be added to a monthly assessment for 12 months.

The poll was distributed to 125 homes by email and three (3) homes by regular mail beginning on November 25. The vote was closed on December 11, with 112 responses having been received. The poll took respondents between about 5 minutes to complete with some less than two minutes and some more than 10 minutes. In late November, the poll was distributed to homeowners to collect information for consideration by the full Board of Directors at the January Board Meeting. 000000

The poll results are provided in more detail within the graphical and numerical summary of homeowner responses to each question that can be viewed and downloaded by Clicking Here. There were 112 responses from 128 homes. Each home was allowed only one vote. Based on the number of homeowners responding, the poll results should be considered 95% accurate/representative of all Montage homeowner’s opinions with a level of accuracy of plus or minus 4%. 

Briefly summarized the results were as follows:

  1. Approximately 79% of residents feel Montage to be moderate to wholly safe and secure.
  2. Approximately 82% of homes feel the installation of surveillance cameras would be moderately very effective in reducing potential criminal activity, helping to apprehend criminals, and improving the safety and security of Montage.
  3. Approximately 54% of homes would support the expenditure of $20,000 to $25,000 for installation of surveillance equipment if it meant there would be a total assessment of $160 to $200 per home. Twenty-seven (27%) would not support that amount’s assessment and expenditure, and approximately 19% of homeowners are yet undecided.
  4. If Montage homeowners did vote to install surveillance cameras at the gates, approximately 43% favor a one-time payment of $160 to $200 per home; about 14% would prefer an increase of $13-$17 per month in the monthly HOA fee: and 45% would like homeowners to have the option of selecting between the two methods of payment.
  5. If surveillance cameras were installed at the gates, approximately 75% of homeowners believe signs should be installed at the gates telling people they are being recorded.
  6. Given the opportunity to provide additional feedback regarding the potential for installing gate surveillance cameras or providing other ideas to increase the safety and security of Montage, 53 of 112 households responded with comments. The details of those responses are included in the following pages. Some of the poll comments that were repeated more than once included:
    1. Apply the monthly assessment for the security patrol to the surveillance cameras.
    2. Install a guard gate.
    3. Investigate less costly use of cameras.
    4. Need to know ongoing operation and maintenance costs.
    5. Consider changing gate codes more frequently.
    6. Consider the installation of a “trap gate system.”
    7. Start a neighborhood watch program.

In general, the poll should be considered a success base upon the number of respondents and the valuable information received. The poll results will be used by the Board of Directors in their further consideration of Montage safety and security and are tentatively scheduled to be discussed at the January Board of Directors meeting. 



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