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Landscape Care Resources

Montage Landscape Care Resources

The following landscape and gardening resources have been assembled from leading public agencies and organizations in the California and Arizona desert to assist those not familiar with the different seasonal aspects of desert landscape maintenance. The resources have been selected to provide information about subjects that have been of interest to Association members over the years.

Click on the title of the article or publication you are interested in and then click on the thumbnail image of the article for viewing and downloading.

Care of Aloes in Containers

Care of Cacti In Containers

Care of Euphorbias in Containers

Desert Flora Maintenance

Growing Cactus from Seed

Lush and Efficient Landscape Design (Coachella Valley Water District Publication)

Mail Order Wildflower and Plant Sources

Palm Tree Flower Drop Maintenance Strategies

Planting Bare Root Ocotillos

Planting Desert Adapted Trees and Shrubs

Planting Desert Wildflowers

Planting Trees and Shrubs

Poolside Plants for Desert Landscapes

Queen Palm Care Strategies

Take better care of your queen palms

Watering Desert Trees and Shrubs

Watering Trees and Shrubs




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