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Paint Scheme Archive: Montage’s Nine Original Paint Schemes

The Homeowners Association, in conjunction with Dunn-Edwards Paints and Vista Paints, has teamed to provide you with downloadable paint scheme samples for the nine Montage Original Paint Schemes. 

The Original Color Schemes were created by the builder’s color consultant in 2002 to coincide with color historically associated with one of the three architectural styles (Italianate, Tuscan or Contemporary) in Montage.  That paint pallet included three schemes for each of the Italianate, Tuscan and Contemporary architectural styles within the development. (Three color schemes or each of the three architectural styles for a total of nine schemes.) Generally those paint schemes contained three to five colors including trim and details.

You can see the architects renderings of these three styles by clicking on the link below for Montage Facade Elevations. You can also see a map and an house by house listing by address of the original paint schemes for each house as of 2014 by clicking on the respective links which follow.

The two paint scheme legends below provide the original manufacturer’s precise color name and color code for each of the nine paint schemes used within Montage between 2002 and 2016 Montage. The legends are provided for both the Dunn Edwards Paints and Vista Paints brands. Homeowners can use these legends to identify the Original paint color name and paint color code for the purpose of purchasing paints at either paint supplier.

These samples may be downloaded from this page. The appearance of the paint scheme samples may vary on screen and in printed form based upon the capabilities of your computer monitor and color printer. You should visit the paint company of your choice to secure actual paint samples for the most precision in color correctness. 



Dunn Edwards Paint Scheme Color Samples

  1. Dunn-Ewards Scheme 1
  2. Dunn-Ewards Scheme 2
  3. Dunn-Ewards Scheme 3
  4. Dunn-Ewards Scheme 4
  5. Dunn-Ewards Scheme 5
  6. Dunn-Ewards Scheme 6
  7. Dunn-Ewards Scheme 7
  8. Dunn-Ewards Scheme 8
  9. Dunn-Ewards Scheme 9


Vista Paint Scheme Color Samples

  1. Vista Paint Scheme 1
  2. Vista Paint Scheme 2
  3. Vista Paint Scheme 3
  4. Vista Paint Scheme 4
  5. Vista Paint Scheme 5
  6. Vista Paint Scheme 6
  7. Vista Paint Scheme 7
  8. Vista Paint Scheme 8
  9. Vista Paint Scheme 9