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This Ad-Hoc Committee established by the Board in July 2018 is comprised of a Board appointed chairperson, one Board Member, one member of the Architectural Review Committee, and any residential property owners impacted by the construction of homes in the Rio Del Sol Community situated immediately west of Montage.  The term of the Committee shall be until the completion of construction and occupancy of all homes in those Rio Del Sol neighborhoods contiguous to Montage.



The purpose of the Ad Hoc Committee is to monitor planning, design, and construction-related activities associated with the completion of construction within the Rio Del Sol Community and to work with City departments and elected officials, adjacent homeowners associations, and the developer and developers contractors to minimize the construction and post-construction impacts to Montage Residents,

Rio Del Sol is a single-family residential development located immediately west and contiguous to Montage along the western boundary of seven Montage lots. Rio Del Sol is a planned unit development consisting of over 350 lots located on leased lands that have been under development since the late ’90s

The Committee shall endeavor to discover and provide important facts and analysis of possible Rio Del Sol construction and post-construction occupancy impacts so that members of the Association can better understand the relevancy of those development impacts on their property values and the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their property.

The Committee will endeavor to be of assistance to the Montage residents in identifying potential construction and post-construction occupancy impacts and potential mitigation strategies to reduce and mitigate those impacts but neither to the Committee, Board, or Association is responsible for implementing and/or paying for the installation of any impact mitigations.  The Committee’s purpose is to provide information only.


Guiding Policies

Committee activities are guided by the provisions related to the appointment and administration of Board committees as provided for in the CC&R’s, Board Bylaws, Board Policies, and the Board designated roles and responsibilities for the committee as established at the time of establishment.



Project Monitoring

The Committee will monitor the progress of the development via documents, meetings, and communications with City staff (Planning and Public Works Departments), the developer and builder, other involved federal, state, and local governmental agencies, and meetings and communications with other impacted homeowners associations.  Work may include on-site visits and perimeter visual inspections.

Project  Reporting

The Committee will produce regular written and oral reports to the Board, generally on a bi-monthly basis in conjunction with regularly scheduled Board meetings.  Reports will be posted on the Committee website page and shared with adjacent homeowners associations.  Reports will provide a status report on project progress and bring to the attention of the board any issues which may impact Montage. Resources, reports, and other work products of the Committee shall be posted on the Montage at Mission Hills website.


The Committee shall serve as the primary liaison between the Montage at Mission Hills Homeowners Association Board of Director and government officials and policymakers, members and elected officers of homeowners associations, Montage homeowners,  the developer, and the builder.  Nothing in the work of the Committee shall preclude any individual member of the Montage HOA from independently communicating or engaging with any of the parties involved with the Rio Del Sol Development.

Project Activism

The Committee will strive to be well and correctly informed as to the details and status of the development within Rio Del Sol such that it can  advocate vigorously on behalf of the Association membership to minimize the construction and post-construction occupancy impacts of residential development within that community,



The Committee meets electronically as necessary to successfully facilitate its activities. For more specific information about Committee activities or about servicing on the Committee contact the Committee Chairperson whose name and contact information can be found on the Board webpage by Clicking Here.


Committee Resources and Reports

Rio Del Sol Development Plans (proposed)

Rio Del Sol is the Cathedral City residential development situated immediately west of and contiguous to Montage.  The property is being developed as a Planned Unit Development (PUD) in phases and by different builders. The land upon which Rio Del Sol is being developed is Indian-owned leased land and is subject to both City of Cathedral City and Tribal Laws.  Construction of Rio Del Sol began in the mid to late ’90s but further development has been intermittent,  based upon the sale of individual lots to developers/builders.  Approximately half of the 450 lots had been developed up until June 2018.

For a copy of an informational program provided to Montage residents at the March 2019 General Meeting Click on the link below..

Rio-Del-Sol-Impacts-Presentation 2019

Rio Del Sol – Board Report July 2019

Rio Del Sol – Board Report August 2020

Rio Del Sol – General Meeting Report – March 2021

Rio Del Sol – Montecito Neighborhood Architectural Plans – May 2018

The Montecito Neighborhood Architectural Plans are comprised of over 50 full-sized pages of architectural drawings and plan information.  The plan set has been broken down into discrete sections to simplify downloading, viewing, and printing.  To help understand visual impacts from Montage residences it may help to first locate the position you Montage home along the common boundary with Montecito, determine the Home Plan Number (1,2,3), and then view the rear facade of the Home Plan contiguous to your property or toward which your home will view.

Due to the size of files, file opening and downloading times may be extended.

Montecito Homes Plans Index

Montecito Homes Home-type Distribution

Montecito Models Precise Grading Plans

Montecito Home Plan One – Floor plan, elevations, and facade treatments

Montecito Home Plan Two -Floor plan, elevations, and facade treatments

Montecito Home Plan Three – Floor plan, elevations, and facade treatments 




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