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Ideally the committee is comprised of a chairperson and two members from identitied sub-neighborhood areas of the community. Members with background, training or interest in fields associated with healthcare, emergency services, public safety or public administration are particularly encouraged to join.



The Emergency Preparedness Committee maintains an online library of informational resources on the Committee webpage and advocates for the development of a safe, secure and prepared community in the event of the need for an emergency response to a natural disaster or man-made event. The Committee applies neighborhood watch type strategies and incorporates an emergency preparedness focus. Committee members help to establish, maintain and provide emergency response training opportunities, like Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, for residents and committee members.

The Coachella Valley is an extremely desirable place to live work and plan, but like many areas of California it has unique natural and man-made features that represent a potential danger to residents if residents are not appropriately prepared. In California it is not a matter of ‘if’ but of ‘when’ an event will occur. The most understood of those dangers are earthquakes and fires, but there are others including potential emergencies associated with pipelines, rail traffic and traffic incidents which can disrupt travel in and out of the Valley and potentially isolate valley residents. Montage resident’s ability to cope is enhanced by awareness and preparedness to respond to such potential situations.



CERT Network Representation

The committee will help recruit, orient and train neighbors to respond to local emergencies, disasters or safety issues and to determine the status of neighbors following an event. Emphasis is being placed on preparation for a major earthquake.

The committee will provide informational resources and help to educate Montage residents to effectively use local media, emergency organizations and social media resources such as Cathedral City’s Suspicious Activity Reporting System and Golden Guardian Program and using social networking resources such as Nextdoor and Facebook to receive and disseminate information should an emergency occur.


Committee volunteers will have opportunities to develop first responder skills and become better educated through Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training classes offered by FEMA and provided through the City of Cathedral City and Emergency Preparedness Task Force Committee of the Mission Hills Country Club Development of which Montage is a part.

The Committee is working to develop a working strategy toward this vital aspect of community education / safety. Residents are urged to get involved and watch for information that will be forthcoming and continuing.

Budgeting and Finances

The Committee shall prepare an annual budget request for presentation to the Board in October based upon committee programming needs for the following year.  The committee shall abide by all Association and Board policies related to the expenditure of funds,

Record Keeping

The Committee should keep any resource materials used in researching, developing, and making recommendations relative to the committee’s activities in electronic file format, stored on the Association website, or other suitable location, for future reference and use.


The Committee is not required to submit minutes, but if it chooses to prepare meeting minutes or notes those document should be submitted (in draft or final form)  to the Board of Directors within 30 days of a committee meeting.


The Committee shall provide a written or oral report to the Board of Directors at each meeting of the Board. The information shall be captured and described in the Board of Directors Regular Meeting Minutes.


The Committee shall periodically prepare brief informational updates for publication in the bimonthly Association newsletter to inform the general membership about the status of committee work.


The Committee shall prepare and present an annual committee report at the Association’s Annual General Membership Meeting. The information shall describe the activities and accomplishments of the Committee during the year. The report will be archived on the Association website.


The Committee shall submit any proposed updates, changes, or additions to the Welcome program to the Board of Directors for review and/or approval.



The Committee meets as necessary to successfully facilitate its activities. For more specific information about Committee activities or about servicing on the Committee contact the Emergency Preparedness Committee Chair which can be found on the Board webpage by Clicking Here.





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