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Detention Basin Enhancements Poll

Owners Support Further Study

 The Montage Detention Basin is an approximately 14,000 sf stormwater detention basin (located in the southeast corner of Montage at the intersection of Van Gogh and Dali. The site is part of the Montage at Mission Hills HOA-owned Common Areas. The rectangular basin is approximately 6 feet deep as graded into a tub shape with slopes between 4:1 and 8:1 and a basin floor with a 1-3% grade. There are two surface structures (one drywell manhole and one outflow manhole). The subdrainage system keeps the basin dry 350- 360 days are year. An aerial photo of the basin is attached along with a panoramic movie view of the basin can be seen by Clicking Here or pasting this link into your browser. 

During the March General Membership meeting, the Board received comments related to possible uses for the approximately one-acre detention basin located at the corner of Van Gogh and Da Vinci.  In response, the Board authorized a new ad hoc committee to complete a preliminary investigation into feasible types of landscape enhancements, possible insurance costs and issues, and the prospects for volunteer engagement.  The ad hoc committee webpage with committee information and resources can be found on the Montage Website by clicking here or pasting the following link into a browser.

In May the Board received a report indicating the City Engineer said it would be possible and allowable to make further improvements to the basin.  The HOA’s insurance provider indicated that improvements similar to those already a part of Montage common area landscapes would be likely be covered by under the current HOA insurances at no additional costs and further that volunteer participation was covered under the current policy.  A copy of the report can be reviewed by Clicking Here.

At the July Board meeting, the Board requested that a brief resident survey be conducted in July to determine what interest there might be to explore making further improvements to enhance the recreational and aesthetic value of the Montage detention basin. The results of the survey were requested to be reported at the September Board meeting including a discussion of possible next steps or project closure.

A five-question resident survey was conducted between July 1 – 23.  A survey link was provided in the July newsletter and invitations were sent to 128 households.  There was an extremely high     % response rate (85 responses).  In general, there was substantial support for further landscape enhancements to the basin.  A summary of the results includes the following:

  • 98% said they had been to the detention basin
  • 58% said that upgrading the detention basin for use as a designated private parklet or open-space area would have a positive impact on Montage property values
  • 68% said they support further study/exploration of recreational uses for the detention basin

The top five rated site enhancements include:

  • Wildlife Plant Landscape (63%)
  • Dog Play Area (61%)
  • Native California Landscape (59%)
  • Benches (59%), and
  • Walking path (57%)

Concerns related to further landscape development included:

  • Potential costs for site development
  • Potential increases in HOA fees
  • Potential impacts to surrounding homeowners due to increased use, and
  • Potential issues related to maintenance

A full account of the survey results including all narrative responses can be seen on the Montage Website by Clicking Here or pasting the following link into your browser.



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