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Solar Panel Installation

 Solar Panel Installation

Information of importance when considering the installation of solar panels on your home.

Architectural approval of solar installations may not be withheld, however, the following conditions of approval must be observed: 

  • Approval is based on the solar panel placement design, which must be submitted with the Architectural Improvement Request (AIR) application. An Architectural Improvement Request can be downloaded for use by Clicking Here.  If, during field installation, it becomes necessary to materially vary from the approved placement, the revision must be resubmitted to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for approval. 
  • All auxiliary electrical equipment such as inverters, batteries, etc. must be installed inside the resident’s garage, as much as possible. No electrical conduit or wiring is to be installed so as to be visible on the exterior of the residence, unless approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). All visible exterior equipment must be painted to match the house stucco or hidden from view with landscaping. 
  • The Montage at Mission Hills homeowner assumes total responsibility for any long-term maintenance required to assure the continued acceptable appearance of the solar installation.

Be sure to discuss these requirements with the contractor so they are incorporated into the solar panel installation contract.

For further information of interest to homeowners considering the installation of solar panels in the City of Cathedral City you may want to review information and requirements provided by the City which can be viewed by Clicking Here.  


















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