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Association Newsletter Archive

An Archive That Documents Our Association History and Provides Helpful Day-to-Day Information For Living In Montage


The Montage at Mission Hills Newsletter is published six times a year and distributed electronically when Electronic Distribution Forms have been filed by homeowners. You may obtain a Electronic Distribution Consent Form form by Clicking Here.

The newsletter generally follows a January, March, May, July, September, and November publication schedule. The Montage Newsletter, Montage website and Montage Nextdoor website are part of the comprehensive, proactive association communications program that the Board of Directors maintains to facilitate productive meetings, inform and engage residents and homeowners, and encourage potential buyers. The newsletter provides information on current events within the neighborhood, actions of the Board of Directors and information helpful to residents.

Over time the frequency of the Newsletter has sometimes varied and its production is dependent upon the work of volunteers from within the community. To ensure the continued regular production of the Newsletter all residents are encouraged to contribute articles and information, and to volunteer to participate in Newsletter production. To find out how you can become a member of the Newsletter Team or to contribute an idea or an article to the newsletter, please contact the chair of the Newsletter Committee.  You can find a list of committees and committee chairs by Clicking Here.

If you are a resident of Montage at Mission Hills and are not receiving the Newsletter and would like to, please contact one of the Board of Directors. A list of Board members can be found by Clicking Here.

The following is an archive of the bimonthly Newsletter of the Montage at Mission Hills Board of Directors listed in chronological order. For questions or clarification regarding information found in the Newsletter, please contact the current Board Chair or Members of the Board of Directors. A list of the current Board of Directors can be found by Clicking Here.


All archival newsletters for 2006 are currently lost.  If you happen to have copies of any newsletters from 2006 please forward them to a member of the Board of Directors or contact a Board member to let them know you have a newsletter copy.  For information to assist you with contacting a Board Member please Click Here

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