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What is the Association’s regarding solicitation within the development?

Montage is a No Solicitation community. All streets  are owned by, and maintained by the Association. NO solicitors, with or without a license are permitted at any time — for any reason — unless prior notice has been given to the community of their attendance by the Board of Directors.

Exceptions are political candidates and religious organizations — which are protected by law. Occasionally, special permission could be granted by the Board of Directors to businesses and organizations to do limited solicitation (such as the Scouts and area school organizations). Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis through the Board of Directors and is for a limited duration. If you have a question, please contact a member of the Board.

What should I do in cases of solicitation at my home?

Signs are clearly posted at both community entrances. Signs clearly state our No Solicitation policy. Should you be bothered by solicitors, please ask them politely to leave your premises. They should do so. If they refuse, or give pushback, we encourage all residents to contact the Police Non-Emergency Number (760) 770-0362 when solicitation occurs. We cannot emphasize enough — please call. If your call meets with resistance by the call taker, please contact a member of the Board. No Solicitation means exactly that — No Solicitation.



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