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Annual Homeowner Mailing

Dear Montage Homeowner(s):

By State law, the Montage and Mission Hills HOA Annual Mailing is emailed or mailed to each Association member in November of each year. It should be noted that the composition of the Annual Mailing may change from year to year as dictated by State law,  policy actions of the Montage Board of Directors and the requirements and procedures of its vendors and service providers. A copy of the most recent mailing can be downloaded by Clicking Here

Should you have any questions please contact the Association Manager or a Board Member for further information.  Click Here to find contact information for the Property Manager and contact information about the Board of Directors can be found by Clicking Here.

The Annual Mailing generally Includes the following documents.  Please review the actual Mailing for the current year to view the current list of documents included in the mailing.

Annual Budget Report

  • Property Manager Contacts List
  • Document Production Charges Schedule
  • Operating Budget
  • Summary of Reserves
  • Reserve Funding Plan
  • Reserve Study (available upon request or as otherwise posted on this website)
  • Assessment and Reserves Funding Disclosure Summary Form
  • Major Component Repair Statement
  • Anticipated Special Assessment
  • Reserve Funding Mechanism Statement
  • Proceedures for Calculating Reserves Statement
  • Outstanding Loans Statement
  • Insurance Summary
  • Foreign Check Processing Policy

Annual Policy Statement

  • Association’s Designated Recipient to receive official communications
  • Right of Notice to Two Addresses
  • General Notice Location
  • Right to Receive General Notice by Individual Delivery
  • Right to Received Board Minutes
  • Assessment Collection Policy
  • Notice Assessment  & Foreclosure Default Policy
  • Governing Document Enforcement Policy and Fine Policy
  • Dispute Resolution Procedure Summary
  • Architectural Guidelines and Procedures
  • Overnight Payment Mailing Address





Board of Directors

Check HOA Bulletin Board for Most Recent Agenda

Architecture Review Committee

Check HOA Bulletin Board for Most Recent Agenda


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