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Home Painting Information

All the information necessary to help you select your paint scheme from the approved paint colors.

The following link provides access to the Montage at Mission Hills House Painting Information Page that will provide all the information needed to assist you in identifying the correct color scheme for your home.

Home Maintenance Tips

Helpful hints for the repair and maintenance of conditions found in Montage homes.

The home maintenance information contained in the following reports has been prepared by Montage residents to assist you with maintenance of some of the unique features of your Montage home. Posting dates are shown in parentheses.

The Montage street address fixtures on the front of homes are the model Aero-Lite PLHN4. They are available online (search Aero-Lite PLHN4) for between $25–$40 dollars with house numbers and glue included, or can be purchased locally at Desert Electric Supply in Palm Springs.

Home Maintenance Discounts

Discounts on important maintenance items for your home.

Click on this link for further information about discounts with local vendors for:

  • Plumbing supplies
  • Electrical supplies (including replacement address fixtures)
  • Painting supplies

Click on this link for further information about discounts with local vendors. Notice of Discounts Available (03/14/11)

Canine Etiquette

Please carry disposal waste bags and pick up immediately after your pet.

Vigilance has been increased to prevent dog owners from allowing their dogs to defecate and urinate on neighborhood lawns. This is not only rude, but causes discoloration of lawns. Fines are $100 for the first infraction, $250 for the second infraction, and $500 for a third offense.

Pets are allowed in the Common Areas and one’s private property only. The Common Area within the gates include the streets and the Van Gogh / Da Vinci retention basin. If you see anyone’s dog on another homeowner’s property take a picture if possible and please get the owner’s name and/or address in a non-confrontational manner and report it to the property management company or Board of Directors. The offending homeowner may be called in before the Board for a violation hearing.

Tree Maintenance

Please trim your trees to maintain them behind the curb-line in front of your home.

Please make sure all cars, including service worker cars, are off the street on Fridays to allow our contract street cleaner to clean debris from the front of your home. In addition, please be sure to keep the drip line of your frontyard trees and plantings from overhanging the curb lines by trimming to 15-feet high to assure the street cleaner and delivery trucks have access to the edge of the curb line. Trees and shrubs overhanging the curb could cause damage to vehicles that would become the liability of the property owner. The street sweeper is tall and will avoid hitting trees overhanging the streets, and in doing so will not be able to clean along the curb-line in front of your residence.