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Mission Hills Country Club Contract Renewal Straw Poll Has Record Participation.  

Owners Recommend Agreement Approval.

At its July meeting, the Board gave direction to conduct a straw poll of residents to determine membership support for a second 10-year renewal of the Mission Hills Country Club (MHCC) Social/Fitness Agreement. The Agreement will likely be discussed again at the September and November Board meetings in conjunction with 2021 budget deliberations.  The current Agreement is due to expire December 26, 2020, and a Board decision on a renewal is required within 90 days of that date.

Overview: The straw poll was conducted over two weeks from August 10 to August 24, during which three invitations were sent from Survey Monkey. The poll question included a brief introduction prior to the question and background information following the poll question.  The background information included an article from the July Association Newsletter and communication from MHCC announcing a no-cost expansion of club benefits to include tennis, pickleball, croquet, and swimming pool use effective September 1, 2019.

Results: One hundred twenty-eight (128) homeowners were asked to indicate whether YES, I /we DO support the renewal or NO, I/we DO NOT support the renewal.  The survey received 102 responses (79.6%), which is a 23% increase over the reported response rate for the 2010 poll.

Straw Poll Results

The final tally of the straw poll is as follows:

___80___   Votes – YES, I /we DO support the renewal of the Mission Hills Country Club Social and Fitness Membership Agreement.
___24___  Votes – NO, I/we DO NOT support the renewal of the Mission Hills Country Club Social and Fitness Membership Agreement.

Next Steps: Based upon the results of the poll, the Board of Directors voted unanimously at the September Board Meeting to approved the renewal of the MHCC Social and Fitness Agreement for another 10-year term with revisions to include the addition of tennis, pickleball, and croquet benefits. The expanded benefits go into effect immediately.

Annually in October, Mission Hills Country Club sends the Association a dues proposal related containing recommended changes for the coming year so that information can be considered in the preparation of the Association’s proposed budget in November. Montage dues increases can never be a greater percentage than that for residents of the Mission Hills development. The Association proposed budget is sent to the membership in December and generally approved, with any revision, by the Board in January.

The original Agreement with MHCC was approved in 2000 and renewed in 2010.  This is the second occasion for a renewal of four renewals provided for under the Agreement.  The agreement is automatically renewable unless the Montage Board notifies MHCC (no later than March 26, 2021) of its intent to terminate the Agreement.

For more information about the Agreement, please refer to Exhibit A of the most recent copy of the CCR’s approved in January 2018 or Click Here to view and download a copy of the Agreement from the  website.  For information about how to activate your Mission Hills Country Club benefits Click Here or call John Conroy, Director of Membership directly (760-883-1655).





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