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The Committee is comprised of Webmasters and Content Providers. Ideally the Committee would be comprised of four to six members to assure continuity of services and support and periodic updating of content. Members with background, training or interest in WordPress, web design, desktop publishing, blogging, and communications are particularly encouraged to join.



The purpose of the Committee is to manage the design and administration of the Association websites.   These websites are extremely important to projecting a positive image of the Association and the development outwardly and to providing residents with source and archive of accurate, timely and useful information to enhance their Montage living experience.

The Montage at Mission Hills website ( ) is a publically accessible website that provides members, real estate professionals and interested parties with 24/7 access to important Association governance documents, announcements and administrative reports; useful homeowner and visitor information; and Montage historical background.

The Montage at Mission Hills Nextdoor page is private social network for Association members only. The site compliments the site by providing features for discussion groups, lost and found, classified ads, free items, calendar and announcements as well as interaction with local public safety organizations. The site also allows for sharing with 18 adjacent HOA organizations.

The Website Committee maintains an online library of informational resources on the Committee webpage and is responsible for administration of both the official Montage at Mission Hills ( WordPress website and assisting residents with use of the Montage at Mission Hills pages on the Nextdoor social networking website.

Guiding Policies

Website management and use are guided by the Terms of Use and the Website Content Management Policy adopted by the Board of Directors.  The Terms of Use represent the understanding under which the website user accesses the Website and agrees to use the content of the website. Terms of Use are typical to all websites and many types of software. You can review the website terms of use by Clicking Here.

The Website Content Management and Publishing Policy provides standards and process governing Website content (text, photos, video, audio, links, documents) creation, approval and publishing for the Association website (Website). The policy has been created to make the Website distinctive for its integrated user experience, widely distributed creation and publishing responsibility and flexibility to allow customized content to be produced by Association Members, Committees, and the Board. You may review the new Website Management and Publishing Policy by Clicking Here.


Website Management

It is the responsibility of this Committee to manage the design and administration of the Association websites including the following activities:

  • Weekly, Monthly and Annual posting of Association documents
  • Annual review and removal or archiving of materials
  • Maintenance of an electronic archive of documents related to the history of the Association
  • Annual updating of webpage design and organization
  • As-needed development of webpage content
  • Technical support to members related to the use of Association Websites
  • Enforcement of Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  • Serve as administrative “Leads” for the Association Nextdoor website.


The Committee meets in person and electronically as necessary to successfully facilitate its activities. For more specific information about Committee activities or about servicing on the Committee contact the Webmaster which can be found on the Board webpage by Clicking Here.




Board of Directors

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Architectural and Landscape Committee

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