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Montage at Mission Hills Committees

The Board of Directors is always looking for volunteers to serve on both standing (ongoing) and ad hoc (single-purpose short-term) Association committees. Committees serve in an advisory capacity, however, the Board Directors absolutely depend on the input, findings, and recommendations of its Committees. Committees meet as needed to approve a work program, conduct recurring activities, and respond to any tasks assigned by the Board of Directors.

The Association accrues many benefits from Committees. Volunteers bring a variety of work experience, background, education, and perspective to the Association. This diversity provides both traditional and new approaches for addressing Association tasks, improving efficiencies, responsiveness, and service delivery.

Member involvement is critical to preserving the quality of life at Montage and assuring continuity of informed leadership within the Association. Participation builds the bonds between neighbors and strengthens the feeling of community. It takes every resident’s engagement to protect our investment and ensure the safety and security of Montage.  Board Committees meet as necessary upon the decision of the Committee Chair. For the dates and times of the next Committee meeting please see the Montage website or contact the Committee member below.

If you have an interest in serving on a Committee or receiving additional information about Committee participation or operations, click on the link in the Committee description below. Contact the relevant Committee Chairman, a member of the Board of Directors, or the property management company.

Standing Committees

Architectural Review Committee

This Committee is responsible for the overall architectural and visual aesthetics of the Montage at Mission Hills development.

Election Committee

This Committee is comprised of the Board President and Vice President and the Inspector(s) of Elections who is/are appointed by the Board to manage the Board’s annual election process.

Emergency Preparedness Committee

This Committee advocates for the development of a safe, secure and prepared community in the event of an emergency.

Website Committee

This Committee is responsible for the management, design, and administration of the Association website.

Welcome Committee

This Committee introduces new residents to the Montage community and Association.

Newsletter Creation

The Artisan is the Montage newsletter.  To provide input, comments, or suggestions contact the newsletter editor.

Ad Hoc Committees

Detention Basin Ad Hoc Committee 

This Committee is exploring potential improvements to the Montage detention basin at the corner of Da Vinci and Van Gogh that would enhance it appearance and value as a community resource. To learn more about this Committee Click Here.

Rio Del Sol Ad Hoc Committee

This Committee is responsible for tracking and reporting on the progress of the Montecito Neighborhood in the Rio Del Sol Development located along the western boundary of Montage. To learn more about this Committee Click Here.