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Ideally the committee is comprised of a chairperson and three or more members. Members who love to meet people and make friends, have knowledge of area resources and services are particularly encouraged to join.



The Welcome Committee maintains an online library of community informational resources on the Committee webpage and personally introduces new residents to the Montage Community, the City and the Coachella Valley to help them overcome the unease of moving into a new neighborhood. The Committee shares important local information, answers questions and facilitates enhanced neighbor interaction and socialization to help maintain the strength of Montage’s supportive network.




The Committee members welcome new community residents as soon as possible following the purchase or long-term leasing of a Montage Property. Contact with the resident is initiated soon after notification of a change of occupant by the property management company, realtor, or upon contact by the new resident themselves. Committee members deliver a Welcome Packet at the first visit.

The Welcome Packet includes:

  • A Welcome Letter from the HOA President
  • Homeowner Rights and Responsibilities
  • Architectural and Community Standards
  • Architectural Improvement Request (AIR)
  • Artificial Turf Requirements
  • Exterior Paint Policy
  • Solar Installation Guidelines

In addition, committee members will assist new residents with contact information, and Internet links to assure new residents are familiar with Association communications protocols and are able to receive important information from the Association or the property management company.

The initial meeting will also include information related to resident privileges at Mission Hills Country Club and a quick overview of helpful guidelines (based upon CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations) used by the Association residents to fully appreciate the opportunities and responsibilities of daily life in Montage.

Social Activity Support

From time to time the committee helps to organize seasonal holiday events and helps with the organization and support with the annual general homeowners meeting, generally held in the spring at a community facility somewhere within the City.

Budgeting and Finances

The Committee shall prepare an annual budget request for presentation to the Board in October based upon committee programming needs for the following year.  The committee shall abide by all Association and Board policies related to the expenditure of funds,

Record Keeping

The Committee should keep any resource materials used in researching, developing, and making recommendations relative to the committee’s activities in electronic file format, stored on the Association website, or other suitable location, for future reference and use.


The Committee is not required to submit minutes, but if chooses to prepare meeting minutes or notes those document should be submitted (in draft or final form)  to the Board of Directors within 30 days of a committee meeting.


The Committee shall provide a written or oral report to the Board of Directors at each meeting of the Board. The information shall be captured and described in the Board of Directors Regular Meeting Minutes.


The Committee shall periodically prepare brief informational updates for publication in the bimonthly Association newsletter to inform the general membership about the status of committee work.


The Committee shall prepare and present an annual committee report at the Association’s Annual General Membership Meeting. The information shall describe the activities and accomplishments of the Committee during the year. The report will be archived on the Association website.


The Committee shall submit any proposed updates, changes, or additions to the Welcome program to the Board of Directors for review and/or approval.



The Committee meets as necessary to successfully facilitate its activities. For more specific information about Committee activities or about serving on the Committee please contact the Welcome Committee Chair which can be found on the Board webpage by Clicking Here.





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