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Here you will find informational blogs with useful neighborhood information and updates from the association officers, committee chairpersons, and contributing editors.

Board Meeting Agenda – September 2020

Montage at Mission Hills

Homeowners Association

Regular Board Meeting – September 11, 2020

Virtual Meeting via ZOOM – 9:30 AM (approximately)


Call to Order

Notification of Board Executive Session Actions

  1. Executive Session September 11, 2020


  1. Approval of Minutes of the July 10, 2020 – Regular Meeting

 Financial Reports

  1. Approve financials for June and July 2020
  2. Authorization to file lien(s) – None
  3. CD Maturing July 23 with Barclays Bank for $30,000. Action taken: Available CD rates less than 1%. Did not reinvest. Money Market rate approximately same.
  4. CD Maturing October 29 with Wells Fargo Bank for $30,000. Request authority to roll over to new 1-year CD at best interest rate.

 Unfinished Business

  1. Review status of Palm Tree Plan implementation – Report submitted August 24, 2020 by Tom Tousignant
  2. Review status of proposed Rio del Sol development – Report submitted August 18, 2020 by Scott Reese

 New Business

  1. Approval of proposed Bid Package for Perimeter Palm Tree Lighting Contract. – Norm Giere
  2. Discussion on results of straw poll of homeowners on renewal of Social Membership agreement with Mission Hills Country Club – Scott Reese
  3. Approval of invoice from Timothy Cline Insurance Agency for 2020/2021 Insurance in the amount of $7,338.
  4. Approval of proposal for pumping drywell by Hammer Pumping in the amount NTE $3,600.
  5. Approval of proposal from Mercer’s Low Voltage for installing photo cell closure prevention devices on the three gates that currently do not have them for NTE $1,957.13.
  6. Approval of proposal from Stewy’s Lighting Maintenance for installing holiday lighting at the entrances for NTE $2,590.
  7. Appointment of the Board as the Finance Committee to develop the 2021 Reserve Study update and 2021 Draft Budget for presentation to the Board at the November 13th meeting.
  8. Set date for 2021 Annual Homeowner meeting for March 20, 2021.
  9. Appoint Scott Reese as Inspector of Elections for the 2021 Board member election.
  10. Approve the Self Nomination Form for the 2021 Board of Directors to be sent to homeowners by October 1, 2020.
  11. Discussion on proposals from Conserve LandCare:
    • Prune 7 canopy trees in parkways and detention basin NTE $1,425.
    • Replace cacti in raised beds under signs with lantana at Gerald Ford entrance NTE $555.
  12. Approval of Grayco estimate to replace broken resident “original yard lights” with RAB X34 light – Norm Giere
  13. Approval of Grayco estimate to replace Da Vall monument sign lighting with RAB X34 lights – Norm Giere

Committee Reports

  1. Architectural Review Committee Reports – Meeting Minutes of July 3, 2020 distributed July 7, 2020; Minutes of August 7, 2020 distributed August 9, 2020; Meeting Minutes of September 4, 2020 distributes September 7, 2020.
  2. Emergency Preparedness Committee Reports – Chuck Middleton
  3. Website Committee Report – Scott Reese
  4. Welcome Committee Report – Frank San Juan
  5. Gate Camera Committee Report – Robert Green

 Homeowners Forum

 Other Business

  1. Management – Reports
  2. Correspondence – Homeowners

 Next Board Meeting – Regular Board meeting November 13, 2020 at 9:30 AM via ZOOM.


Architecture Review Committee Agenda – September 2020

AGENDA  (Download by Clicking Here)

DATE: Friday, September 4, 2020

LOCATION: Norm Giere’s home, 36272 Chagall Court, Cathedral City

TIME: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm


Approve Minutes of Last Meeting: August 7, 2020


Architectural Improvement Request (AIR)

  • 36272 Da Vinci — Paint exterior paint scheme C — AIR COMPLETED
  • 69811 Van Gogh Rd — Paint house exterior and add new gate — AIR approved
  • 69747 Van Gogh — Install 30 solar panels on backyard roof — AIR approved
  • 69871 Matisse Road — Paint concrete walkway — Denied until color chosen
  • 36297 Da Vinci — Paint exterior and add stacked stone — AIR approved
  • 36108 Chagall — Tile courtyard entry and front yard paths — AIR approved
  • 36202 Artisan — Install Renova solar system — AIR approved
  • 36176 Artisan — Install Renova solar system — AIR approved
  • 36205 Chagall — Paint house exterior — AIR approved
  • 69885 Matisse — Add new gate to front courtyard — AIR DENIED


Architectural Improvement Request (AIR)

  • 36066 Da Vinci — Paint home exterior
  • 36121 Da Vinci — Paint home exterior
  • 36218 Da Vinci — Swimming pool installation
  • 69886 Matisse — Add generator to side of house
  • 36272 Chagall — Install new entry gate


  • September perimeter landscape walk with Conserve — Norm Giere
  • Discuss adding plants with color to Gerald Ford monument sign basin


Discuss Items Not On the Agenda



  • Date: Friday, October 2, 2020
  • Time: 1:30 pm
  • Location: Norm Giere’s home


  • Adjournment: 2:30 pm
Cathedral City Council Ends Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVR) In City

Cathedral City Council Ends Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVR) In City

You may have heard that Cathedral City Council took the first steps to abolish STVR in the City on August 26 with the first reading of proposed modifications to City ordinances.  There are two exceptions. 1. Homes located in neighborhoods governed by Homeowners Associations that permit STVR use and; 2. Home sharing vacation rentals where the home is the owner’s primary/principal residence and rents out a portion of the property.  Typically, home sharing is where the owner rents out a room or casita on their property.

To clarify, Montage Community Rules and Regulations (Click Here) and Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Reservations of Easements (CCRRE)  (Click Here) prohibit and STVR business of any type in Montage.  Property owners operating their property as an STVR are subject to both a Montage fine (up to $5,000/violation) and a City fine including payment of back license, Transient Occupancy Taxes and penalties.  The City Council has also requested staff implement new practices to increase and improve STVR enforcement.

For more information about view and download Montage governing documents by clicking here.  For City information on proposed ordinance changes Click Here or contact City Public Information Officer Chris Parman at For information on the current City STVR regulations Click Here. To report an STVR on the STVR Hotline at (760) 553-1031 or contact the City at Code compliance (760) 770-0309 seven days a week from 7 am to 6 pm. or online at


Straw Poll Has Record Participation – Results Reported

Straw Poll Has Record Participation – Results Reported

At its July meeting, the Board gave direction to conduct a straw poll of residents to determine membership support for a second 10-year renewal of the Mission Hills Country Club (MHCC) Social/Fitness Agreement. The Agreement will likely be discussed again at the September and November Board meetings in conjunction with 2021 budget deliberations.  The current Agreement is due to expire December 26, 2020, and a Board decision on a renewal is required within 90 days after that date.

Overview: The straw poll was conducted over two weeks from August 10 to August 24, during which three invitations were sent from Survey Monkey. The poll question included a brief introduction prior to the question and background information following the poll question.  The background information included an article from the July Association Newsletter and information received from MHCC announcing a no-cost expansion of club benefits to include tennis, pickleball, croquet and swimming pool use effective September 1.

Results: One hundred twenty-eight (128) homeowner households were asked to participate in the poll.  One hundred and two (102) responses received (79.6% of Montage households), which is a 23% increase over the reported response rate for a similar 2010 poll.

The final tally of the straw poll is as follows:

___78___   Votes – YES, I /we DO support the renewal of the Mission Hills Country Club Social and Fitness Membership Agreement.

___24___  Votes – NO, I/we DO NOT support the renewal of the Mission Hills Country Club Social and Fitness Membership Agreement.

Next Steps: Annually in October, Mission Hills Country Club/ClubCorp sends the Association a dues proposal containing changes proposed for the coming year so that information can be considered in the preparation of the Association’s proposed budget in November. The Association proposed budget is sent to the membership in December and generally approved, with any revision, by the Board in January.

Montage’s MHCC dues increases can never be a greater percentage than that for residents of the Mission Hills development. Dues increases have ranged between approximately 3% and 5% with the average annual increase being about 4.5% over the last ten years.  A dues increase request from MHCC is likely.

The original Agreement with MHCC was approved in 2000 and renewed in 2010.  This is the second occasion for a renewal of four renewals provided for under the Agreement.  The agreement is automatically renewable unless the Montage Board notifies MHCC (no later than March 26, 2021) of its intent to terminate the Agreement.

For more information about the Agreement, please refer to Exhibit A of the most recent copy of the CCR’s approved in January 2018 or Click Here to view and download a copy of the Agreement from the  website.  For information about how to activate your Mission Hills Country Club benefits Click Here or contact John Conroy, Director of Membership directly at


Important Upgrades to Montage Website

Important Upgrades to Montage Website

We want residents to know of recent updates to the website made to expand and update the amount of useful information available to residents.  I would like to recognize the assistance of Tom Tousignant, Norm Giere, Tony Michaelis, and PPM community manager Shelly Ruegsegger for their support in providing content, editing, and proofreading these modifications.

The website has expanded to over 90 pages and averages 18 hits a day.  The most frequently visited pages on the website are the Real Estate/For Sale, Home Maintenance, and Board Minutes pages.  One of the most significant changes to the website is improved searchability for documents on the site.  We have relocated and rescanned original Board Minutes and Montage Newsletters back to 2004 to make document content searchable. We are currently working on the same program for Montage financial documents.  The search function is located next to the magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner of the website header.  Type in search terms in the box and press enter to see a group of relevant documents.

Other essential enhancements include the following:

  • Upgraded Montage Neighborhood Blog to include timely and more detailed reporting of information and issues of importance to homeowners. Click Here
  • Updated house painting information, added paint scheme reference samples, and links to Vista and Dunn Edwards paint pages. Click Here.
  • Added 2002 historical videos of home model tours. Click Here
  • Added Montage Board Code of Ethics. Click Here
  • Added 2000 Social / Fitness Agreement with Mission Hills Country Club to view and download a copy of the full Social /Fitness Club Agreement (January 2018 CCR’s, Exhibit A) Click Here.
  • Added Solar Panel guidance information. Click Here
  • Added Artificial Turf guidance information. Click Here
  • Added Architecture / Engineering Documents Page. Click Here  with tabs for:
    • 2001 Montage street and engineering plans
    • 2003 Montage perimeter/public area landscape plans
    • 2002 Artesian Model Homes Landscape Plans
    • 2018 Palm Tree Replacement Plan plans
    • 2000 Montage Legal Plat of Survey
    • 2002 Plan 4 Home architectural plans
    • 2019 Rio Del Sol PUD plan and impact analysis
  • Added Zoom Meeting Participation Instructions. Click Here
  • Added 2020 Board Election Rules. Click Here
  • Updated Architectural Improvement Request Form. Click Here
  • Added Homeowner Concern Form. Click Here  
  • Added 2020 Pool Skimmer Basket Filter Sock and Debris Shield information. Click Here

We are looking for historical photos/images of the early years in Montage, particularly photos taken during the construction of your home or the early stages of development.  These photos will be used to enhance our Montage History, which you can see by Clicking Here.  If you have pictures of Montage’s early days, we would appreciate the opportunity to see them and perhaps use them with full credit to you.  Please contact Scott Reese at


Mission Hills Country Club Adds New Benefits to Montage Membership Package

Mission Hills Country Club Adds New Benefits to Montage Membership Package

On August 14, Montage received notification from John Conroy, Membership Manager at Mission Hills Country Club, that the Montage homeowners benefit package (Social / Fitness Membership) is to be upgraded to the Sports Club Membership Package on September 1 at no additional cost.  Homeowners will soon begin to receive the Sports Club membership Thursday weekly “TPC” (Tennis – Pickleball – Croquet) newsletter via email, which will provide further details on how to take full advantage of the membership upgrade, including how to reserve courts and sign up for lessons for tennis pickleball and croquet.

“Club Management has been considering offering Montage residents this upgrade since early spring and would have made the announcement earlier had it not been for the pandemic and the Orders of the Health Officer of the Riverside County Health Department’s mandating closure of most of the Clubs facilities and services. As we seem to be coming out of the pandemic, we wanted to make the announcement now in hopes that Montage homeowners will see this as a real opportunity to get active and engaged again using our available facilities as we open them under the Riverside County Health Department guidelines,” according to Mr. Conroy. “We’re looking forward to setting up some on-site orientation/tour sessions for new Montage residents and our old friends in Montage to show them the quality of club amenities and demonstrate how to access them.”

You can learn more about how to activate your MHCC privileges by contacting John Conroy directly (760-883-1655 or or by referring to the new Montage information sheet that is provided at the time of move-in and is also available by Clicking Here on the Montage website.  To view and download a copy of the full Social /Fitness Club Agreement (January 2018 CCR’s, Exhibit A) Click Here.

The Sports Membership includes access to MHCC’s former No. 1 nationally ranked USTA  Tennis Facility including 33 tennis courts with hard, clay and grass surfaces and 4 Pickleball courts as well as additional services associated with tennis including strong game arranging, private lessons, equipment repairs, Men’s and Ladies Leagues, special tennis events, Junior Tennis Academy Instruction & complimentary ball machines.

The Mission Hills Country Club has been past National Champion of the United States Lawn Croquet Association and now those same facilities the Club Team Play on are available to Montage residents, including four (4) permanent Croquet Lawns and six(6) additional lawns for tournaments are available for Montage member use.

When the County Health Department permits, Montage residents will continue to have use of the 17,000 sf Fitness/Wellness Center which features Matrix, Cybex & TechnoGym cardiovascular equipment, Kinesis weight system and free weights, personal trainers, regularly scheduled exercise classes, spin classes, Pilates & TRX, yoga as well as access to the many Spa Services & Salon.

Montage residents will also continue to enjoy dining privileges in the Main Clubhouse, Fifty-Fifth & Tennis Courtside Café dining areas. Members receive a 20% merchandise discount in the Tennis and Golf Pro Shops. Sports Club members may reserve use of the Club for private events and meetings.

“MHCC is a part of the ClubCorp organization and as a result Montage residents benefits include the option of expanding their membership through enrollment in the O.N.E. Program (Optimal Network Experiences) which includes access to the industry-leading ClubCorp Network of more than 300 country clubs and business clubs nationwide which includes special offerings at more than 1,000 hotels, resorts and entertainment venues.  ONE membership includes 50% off à la carte dining at your Home Club,” according to Conroy adding “that travel benefits can include golf with complimentary green fees and complimentary dining as well as access to tennis & fitness at other ClubCorp clubs.” are available and can include 50% off your ala carte selections.

“When prospective buyers understand that Montage homeownership includes membership in a club with the reputation of MHCC and the network of Club Corp, it makes the properties in our development more valuable,” Says Michelle Madison, Montage resident, and a local realtor. “Almost every Montage home listing includes a mention of MHCC membership, and some include MHCC amenity photos.  While difficult to place a value on the MHCC membership as a part of your home, it is fair to say that the MHCC membership is seen as prestigious, attaches Montage to the Rancho Mirage market, and increases the perceived value of the homes in Montage.”

Montage homeowners are granted MHCC sports, fitness, and dining benefits through an agreement initially executed between MHCC and Montage builder GHA properties in 2000 to enhance the benefits of living in Montage without the additional overhead and capital maintenance costs generally associated with living in a country club type complex.  Montage homeowners pay $250/mo in HOA dues  Approximately $100/mo of that amount is attributable to the MHCC benefit package which has a value of about $320 (plus initiation fee ) if purchased separately.  MHCC membership dues have generally increased 3.5% to 5% annually over the 20 years term of the Agreement, in line with 5% increases in Montage HOA dues during that period.


July 13, 2019 – Architectural Review Committee Meeting Agenda



Saturday, July 13, 2019

1:30 PM


Committee Meeting at the home of: John Geary-Chair

36-266 Dali Dr.

Cathedral City, CA 92234



Call to order

Approve Minutes from June 14, 2019 Meeting



New Variance Request:

36269 Chagall Court – Exterior Painting

Committee Operations:

Committee Membership

Review CC&R’s, Board Policy, Rules & Regulations; Landscape Standards/Guidelines, Activity Calendar, Photo Inventory, Newsletter Article Archive



Paint Policy – Update

Perimeter Landscape Review

Inspections – Review Lighting Inspection, set calendar

Committee Charter (Instruction Manual) Development



Discussion of any items not on agenda

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, August 10, 2019, 1:30PM, Location:TBD


June 14, 2019 – Architectural Review Committee Meeting Agenda



Friday, June 14, 2019

8:00 – 9:30 AM – Perimeter Landscape Walkthrough-Meet at Detention Basin

9:30 – 10 AM – Committee Meeting


Committee Meeting at the home of: Tony Michaelis-Board Liaison

36-130 Chagall Ct.

Cathedral City, CA 92234



Call to order

Approve Minutes from April 12, 2019 Meeting



New Variance Request:

36315 Dali Drive – Front Landscape (SEE ATTACHED)

36201 Artisan Way – Front Gate

Committee Operations:

Committee Membership – Choose Chair and discuss member recruitment


Paint Policy – Review Board Feedback – Possible Motion

Perimeter Landscape Review

Inspections – Landscape Walkthrough Update, Lighting Inspection Schedule

Committee Charter (Instruction Manual) Development


Discussion of any items not on agenda

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, July 13, 2019, 1:30PM, 36130 Chagall Court


Presidents Notes May / June 2019

Another year, another term as President.

First of all- thank you all for participating in the Annual HOA Meeting last month!
I’d like to welcome Tony Michaelis to the Board and also THANK Leo Schlesinger for his dedication to Board.

This week you will begin seeing your new black streets. Remember that you may not start to enjoy using them for at least 24 hours following application of the slurry seal. For a week or more avoid turning your wheels unless your vehicle is moving. This will scar the newsurface. Don’t stop and turn, let your vehicle roll slowly while you turn.

Ready to get hot? The summer heat is going to begin in earnest this month. And with the heat the desert plants are going to be in full bloom. As far as Montage is concerned this means time to trim palm trees. The Board will be approving the pruning of the perimeter and entrance palm trees at their May 10 meeting. Homeowners should also be scheduling the pruning of their palms.

Also at their May 10th meeting the Board will be acting on the community feedback received at the Annual Homeowners Meeting last month. This includes reviewing proposals for options to improve lighting of the new palm tree crowns. Be patient, there are only 10 of the total of 56 new perimeter palms that have been installed to date. The other 46 will be installed over the next 8 years in accordance with the approved plan.

The required comment period for homeowner feedback on the proposed updated Painting Policy will be concluding soon. If you have comments/suggestions for consideration by the Board prior to adoption of an updated Painting Policy they need to be submitted to Shelly at PPM . The proposed updated policy is available on the Montage website

Presidents Notes – March / April 2019

Spring is almost here. The most pleasant time in the Coachella Valley. The winter rains are nearly over and the summer heat has not kicked in. Enjoy it to the fullest. We should have a bumper crop of desert wildflowers beginning any day now.

The Annual Homeowner’s Meeting is coming up shortly. Make sure to plan to attend. It is one of the few opportunities you have to meet and catch up with many of your fellow Community neighbors. See article below for more.

The Board will be selecting the contractor to perform necessary street maintenance at their March 14th meeting. This is necessary every 3 to 5 years to optimize the life of the asphalt pavement. The Reserve Study currently is programming reconstruction of the street in approximately 2031. That planned date could be impacted significantly if the recommended maintenance program is not followed. So please do not get upset with the inconveniences surrounding the maintenance effort. And enjoy your nice black streets again.

You should be receiving your ballots for the 2019 Board election. This year’s election only has only 3 candidates submitting self-nomination forms for the 3 available Board positions. It will not have the suspense like that expected for the 2020 Presidential election. The good news is you will not be subjected too much campaigning.

Do not confuse this lack of suspense with any decrease in the importance of your ballot. The ballots submitted will be used to establish the required quorum for the meeting. If insufficient ballots are submitted the meeting will be required to be adjourned and reconvened again within 30 days. This would result is significant additional effort and some additional cost to you. Also, the Association made a “profit” of nearly $8,000 for the 2018 calendar year. This means that the ballot item for approval of the IRS Resolution to carry that profit forward into our operating budget will reduce our potential future tax liability.

To conclude, prepare to suck it up during the street maintenance and put out for the Annual Homeowner’s ballot and meeting.



Board of Directors

Check HOA Bulletin Board for Most Recent Agenda

Architectural and Landscape Committee

Check HOA Bulletin Board for Most Recent Agenda or Find Agenda In Posts Below