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Montage at Mission Hills Homeowners Association
Regular Board Meeting (Virtual Zoom Meeting)
March 12, 2021, 9:30 A.M.

Join Zoom Meeting Instructions
Internet Link: Click here or enter to join:
Meeting ID: 868 6333 0215
Call: 1-702-707-2699

For assistance to join the meeting email
15 minutes before the meeting start. (approximately) 


Call to Order

Notification of Board Executive Session Actions
1.    Executive Session March 12, 2021

1.    Approval of Minutes of the January 8, 2021 – Regular Meeting

Financial Reports
1.    Approve financials for December 2020, January 2021 and February 2021.
2.    Authorization to file lien(s) – APN 674 660 024

Unfinished Business
1.    Review status of Palm Tree Plan implementation –

New Business
1.    Review and approve of proposed agenda and presentations for annual Homeowners Meeting March 20th.
2.    Consideration of an offer by our Montage Attorney to be available to answer questions from the Inspector of Elections during the vote counting process in person or by telephone.
3.    Approval of installation of stacked stone on planters below entry signs at Gerald Ford entrance by F & F Construction for NTE $7,403.
4.    Approval of proposal for the 2021 Palm Tree Plan removals and replacements by Conserve LandCare for NTE $11,580.
5.    Approval of updated proposal by Grayco Electric for the new perimeter palm tree spotlights for $14,747.
6.    Approval of extension of retainer agreement for another year beginning March 30, 2020 with Fiore, Racobs & Powers for $1,000.
7.    Discussion on proposals from Conserve LandCare based on Architectural Review Committee walk-through March 5, 2021:
a.    Recommendation of Pro Landscaping Arborist that the Date Palms be pruned between May 15th and May 31st — Proposal from             Conserve LandCare for pruning the remaining 89 Date palms and the 8 newly installed Date palms NTE $6,250.
b.    Proposal from Conserve LandCare for pruning 39 Washingtonia Robustas and 11 Washingtonia Filibustas (hybrids) NTE $1,750.
c.     Discuss Conserve proposal for 1 dedicated worker twice weekly on perimeter NTE $540/month
d.    Discuss Conserve 4-phase proposals for adding rock and rubble to perimeter NTE $62,645
8.    Approval of application for CAI Medallion Community designation as offered in the February 2021 edition of Quorum Magazine cost $300 first year and future annual renewals for $200.
9.    Appointment of Barbara Little to the Emergency Preparedness Committee.
10. Approval of recommendation from Emergency Preparedness Committee to relocate the emergency gathering location from the Chagall cul-de-sac to the Da Vinci/Van Gogh corner by the Community Message Boards.
11. Appointment of Jo Ann Horwitz to the Architectural Review Committee.
12. Approval of 2020 Financial Review.

Committee Reports
1.    Architectural Review Committee Reports – Meeting Minutes of January 8, 2021 distributed January 11, 2021; Minutes of February 5, 2021 distributed February 8, 2021; March 5. 2021 distributed March 8, 2021.
2.    Emergency Preparedness Committee Report – Chuck Middleton
3.    Website Committee Report – Scott Reese
4.    Welcome Committee Report – Frank San Juan
5.    Gate Camera Committee Report – Robert Green
6.    Rule Committee Report – Tony Michaelis
7.    Rio del Sol development – Report submitted December 28, 2020 by Scott Reese

Homeowners Forum

Other Business
1.    Management – Reports
2.    Correspondence – Homeowners

Next Board Meeting – _Regular Board meeting May 14, 2021 at 9:30 AM via ZOOM.