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We want residents to know of recent updates to the website made to expand and update the amount of useful information available to residents.  I would like to recognize the assistance of Tom Tousignant, Norm Giere, Tony Michaelis, and PPM community manager Shelly Ruegsegger for their support in providing content, editing, and proofreading these modifications.

The website has expanded to over 90 pages and averages 18 hits a day.  The most frequently visited pages on the website are the Real Estate/For Sale, Home Maintenance, and Board Minutes pages.  One of the most significant changes to the website is improved searchability for documents on the site.  We have relocated and rescanned original Board Minutes and Montage Newsletters back to 2004 to make document content searchable. We are currently working on the same program for Montage financial documents.  The search function is located next to the magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner of the website header.  Type in search terms in the box and press enter to see a group of relevant documents.

Other essential enhancements include the following:

  • Upgraded Montage Neighborhood Blog to include timely and more detailed reporting of information and issues of importance to homeowners. Click Here
  • Updated house painting information, added paint scheme reference samples, and links to Vista and Dunn Edwards paint pages. Click Here.
  • Added 2002 historical videos of home model tours. Click Here
  • Added Montage Board Code of Ethics. Click Here
  • Added 2000 Social / Fitness Agreement with Mission Hills Country Club to view and download a copy of the full Social /Fitness Club Agreement (January 2018 CCR’s, Exhibit A) Click Here.
  • Added Solar Panel guidance information. Click Here
  • Added Artificial Turf guidance information. Click Here
  • Added Architecture / Engineering Documents Page. Click Here  with tabs for:
    • 2001 Montage street and engineering plans
    • 2003 Montage perimeter/public area landscape plans
    • 2002 Artesian Model Homes Landscape Plans
    • 2018 Palm Tree Replacement Plan plans
    • 2000 Montage Legal Plat of Survey
    • 2002 Plan 4 Home architectural plans
    • 2019 Rio Del Sol PUD plan and impact analysis
  • Added Zoom Meeting Participation Instructions. Click Here
  • Added 2020 Board Election Rules. Click Here
  • Updated Architectural Improvement Request Form. Click Here
  • Added Homeowner Concern Form. Click Here  
  • Added 2020 Pool Skimmer Basket Filter Sock and Debris Shield information. Click Here

We are looking for historical photos/images of the early years in Montage, particularly photos taken during the construction of your home or the early stages of development.  These photos will be used to enhance our Montage History, which you can see by Clicking Here.  If you have pictures of Montage’s early days, we would appreciate the opportunity to see them and perhaps use them with full credit to you.  Please contact Scott Reese at