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By Michelle Madison, President & Newsletter Editor-

Happy New Year! Hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday! Speaking of the Holiday; our 1st Holiday Dinner that was held at Mission Hills CC was a success. Thanks to all that attended. We want to thank JoAnn and Alan Horwitz for their work and time they put in to making this event the success that it was.

As mentioned in the last newsletter we continue with our series of updates regarding the Proposed Governing Documents. Nick Nickerson gives you an overview with update No. 3. All homeowners should have received notification of the adopted 2017 Budget and approved 2017 Reserve Study provided in the required mailing of the “Annual Budget Report” and “Annual Policy Statement”. Please contact PPM if you did not receive them.

You should have also received a notice for board nominations. We will have 3 positions available for homeowners who would like serve. We encourage you to submit your nomination as soon as possible. Every homeowner should have the experience of serving on the community’s board!

In keeping with our “Question from a Homeowner” – We just received a letter stating that we have dead plants and a dead palm tree in our front yard that have to be dealt with. We replaced one a few weeks ago. And another is (growing) back from a summer burn. Who should I call? Recently, the A&L Committee conducted a walk through and you may have been notified of some items that required attention. Our apologies, apparently you received your letter after you replaced the plants. The goal is to get the letters to you as soon as possible but sometimes they may arrive later than anticipated. Please contact the board, the A&L Committee or PPM if you have any questions or concerns regarding notification letters.

Pride of ownership is what makes our community so great. That is one of many reasons why we love Montage! If you have a “Question from a Homeowner” please feel free to submit it via email to the Board or PPM. Homeowners are always welcome and encouraged to attend our HOA board meetings. The next one will be Thursday January 12th, 9:30am at the PPM offices.