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As November starts our attention again turns to the holidays, neighbors returning and the reconnecting with family and friends. Residency in Montage can increase as much as 40% in the prime season. The increased occupancy in the development brings increased car, pedestrian and vendor traffic inside our gates. For your safety, and the safety of others please be mindful of these changes in traffic patterns and volume, slow down, wave and say Hi to your neighbors.

It is also the time for everyone to consider involvement within the HOA on our committees (Architectural and Landscape, Welcome and Social, Disaster Preparedness and Safety, Website and Communications). Or perhaps you would consider the opportunity to serve as a member of the Board of Directors. As members of the Association it is our civic responsibility to contribute to preserving and protecting the Montage quality of life by sharing in the work of the HOA we are all part of it. There is always a need for owners to take a more active role and responsible role in the operations of our common interest development. We all owe a great deal to our various committee chairs, the committee members as well as the Board members. All are volunteers and all give of their time, talent and best judgment in serving and representing us to the best of their abilities.

As another successful Montage year draws to a close a new Association budget will be going into effect and officers will be elected. And as frequently occurs, new state laws will go into effect with the New Year. There are always a few that affect the way HOAs operate and function. We are much like a small city and regulated by state statute in how and what we do. Cumulatively changes in law can eventually require modifications and fine-tuning to the Association’s governing documents, as is currently the case with our HOA governing documents. You will begin to hear much more about this in the near future as the Board seeks your understanding and engagement. This year also there are the added concerns for water conservation and now with the approaching El Niño weather patterns and potential storms. In seems like there is always a lot to think about and plan for in governing the Association.

Our Architectural and Landscape Committee has been actively reviewing development common areas and residences for issues related to lighting, landscaping, and details regarding appearance and upkeep. Please let them know you appreciate their work and accept any contacts as gestures of support in the maintenance and value preservation of your property. The committee members are dedicated to working for the good of the Montage.