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Helpful Home and Neighborhood Safety Information

For a handy checklist to ensure that you are doing all that you can to to make your home and neighborhood safe Click Here.

For a serious but somewhat amusing list of security measures (21 Things Your Burglar Won’t Tell You) to consider Click Here.

Cathedral City Police Department Mandatory Alarm User Permit

Secure your security alarm annual permit

All residents and businesses with an alarm system are required to obtain an Alarm User Permit with the City at an initial fee of $35 for the first year, and an annual renewal fee of $30 for each subsequent year. More information about the Alarm User Permits is available at the Cathedral City Police Department, as well as online at

Montage Kiosk Gate Phones

Keep your gate phone contact information up to date.

Each Montage homeowner is issued a personal gate code, a service worker gate code, two remote transmitters for opening the gates and their garage doors and two credit card size gate key cards for opening both the pedestrian and vehicle gates. Cars with integrated remote control devices can be programmed to accept both the Montage and the Mission Hills remote codes. The Montage Gate Kiosks can be programmed to call local as well as cell phones with area codes in the US and Canada.

For further information about Montage Kiosk Gate operations view and download the following helpful document by clicking here.  Gate Kiosk Phones

Mission Hills Gate Magnetic Strips

Make sure you secure a Mission Hills County Club gate magnetic strip for entrance

Please make sure to obtain a magnetic strip to permit access to the Mission Hills County Club grounds. As of May 31, 2015, Mission Hills will be using a new access control system that reads a magnetically coded strip that will be mounted inside your car on the windshield behind the mirror. It will be read electronically and the gates will automatically open.

Montage residents will need to contact Angel at the Dinah Shore Gate between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday to secure a coded strip for each car. Be sure to make the change for all relevant vehicles and have your membership number and identification with you for verification. new magnetic strip will provide you access to both the property entryway gates and the gates to the reserved parking areas adjacent to the clubhouse. For questions about how to secure your magnetic strip please contact the Program Director at Mission Hills Country Club.

For further information about about Mission Hills Country Club gate magnetic strip we suggest you contact Mission Hills Country Club staff. A list of key staff is available by Clicking Here.