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Board Appoints Inspector of Elections

The Board election process begins at the September Board Meeting when the Montage Board appoints an Inspector of Elections for the Election to be held in March of the following year.  The Inspector of Elections may be assisted in the vote-counting up to two additional qualified homeowners appointed by the Inspector of Elections.  The current Community Manager is relied upon to assist with some administrative tasks as assigned by the Inspector of Elections.  For questions about the election please contact the Inspector of Elections at 

Board of Directors Nominations

Nominations for the Board of Directors Open September 1. There are five Board positions. Three Board positions are elected in odd-numbered years and two positions are elected in even-numbered years.  Board members are elected for two-year terms.  There are no term limits for Board Members.  Individuals interested in being nominated, or in self-nominating themselves, must complete a Board Nomination Form and submit the form along with a brief candidate’s statement and an electronic image/picture of themselves.  Nominations for the Board close in late December and the Board certifies the ballot at its January meeting. Ballots are distributed in mid-February and are due by the close of voting at the March General Membership Meeting.

A Board Nomination Form can be viewed and downloaded by Clicking Here.

Important Election Schedule Dates

The Board sets the date for the Annual Homeowner Meeting and Election ( usually a Saturday in late March)  at or before their September meeting. The following dates/events have been established in compliance with State Law and election-related provisions contained within Montage governing documents.  Dates are approximate and subject to change.  Please contact the property management company or current board members with questions regarding the election calendar.

Approximate Dates (subject to change)

September 10       Board set date for Annual Homeowner Meeting and Election

September 10       Board appoint Inspector of Elections

October 1               Distribution of Self Nomination Forms

November 12         Board approve the owner voter list

December 29         Board Nomination Forms Due to PPM

January 14              Board approve ballot for election at Annual Homeowner Meeting

January 15th thru February 15    Voter list available for viewing. (Homeowners may review the accuracy of their individual information on the voter  list at Personalize Property  Management Offices.)

February 14            Ballots mailed to Voters

March 19                 Ballots Due – Annual Homeowner Meeting and opening of the ballots

A full election calendar can be viewed and downloaded by Clicking Here.



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