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Montage at Mission Hills

Homeowners Association

Regular Board Meeting – September 11, 2020

Virtual Meeting via ZOOM – 9:30 AM (approximately)


Call to Order

Notification of Board Executive Session Actions

  1. Executive Session September 11, 2020


  1. Approval of Minutes of the July 10, 2020 – Regular Meeting

 Financial Reports

  1. Approve financials for June and July 2020
  2. Authorization to file lien(s) – None
  3. CD Maturing July 23 with Barclays Bank for $30,000. Action taken: Available CD rates less than 1%. Did not reinvest. Money Market rate approximately same.
  4. CD Maturing October 29 with Wells Fargo Bank for $30,000. Request authority to roll over to new 1-year CD at best interest rate.

 Unfinished Business

  1. Review status of Palm Tree Plan implementation – Report submitted August 24, 2020 by Tom Tousignant
  2. Review status of proposed Rio del Sol development – Report submitted August 18, 2020 by Scott Reese

 New Business

  1. Approval of proposed Bid Package for Perimeter Palm Tree Lighting Contract. – Norm Giere
  2. Discussion on results of straw poll of homeowners on renewal of Social Membership agreement with Mission Hills Country Club – Scott Reese
  3. Approval of invoice from Timothy Cline Insurance Agency for 2020/2021 Insurance in the amount of $7,338.
  4. Approval of proposal for pumping drywell by Hammer Pumping in the amount NTE $3,600.
  5. Approval of proposal from Mercer’s Low Voltage for installing photo cell closure prevention devices on the three gates that currently do not have them for NTE $1,957.13.
  6. Approval of proposal from Stewy’s Lighting Maintenance for installing holiday lighting at the entrances for NTE $2,590.
  7. Appointment of the Board as the Finance Committee to develop the 2021 Reserve Study update and 2021 Draft Budget for presentation to the Board at the November 13th meeting.
  8. Set date for 2021 Annual Homeowner meeting for March 20, 2021.
  9. Appoint Scott Reese as Inspector of Elections for the 2021 Board member election.
  10. Approve the Self Nomination Form for the 2021 Board of Directors to be sent to homeowners by October 1, 2020.
  11. Discussion on proposals from Conserve LandCare:
    • Prune 7 canopy trees in parkways and detention basin NTE $1,425.
    • Replace cacti in raised beds under signs with lantana at Gerald Ford entrance NTE $555.
  12. Approval of Grayco estimate to replace broken resident “original yard lights” with RAB X34 light – Norm Giere
  13. Approval of Grayco estimate to replace Da Vall monument sign lighting with RAB X34 lights – Norm Giere

Committee Reports

  1. Architectural Review Committee Reports – Meeting Minutes of July 3, 2020 distributed July 7, 2020; Minutes of August 7, 2020 distributed August 9, 2020; Meeting Minutes of September 4, 2020 distributes September 7, 2020.
  2. Emergency Preparedness Committee Reports – Chuck Middleton
  3. Website Committee Report – Scott Reese
  4. Welcome Committee Report – Frank San Juan
  5. Gate Camera Committee Report – Robert Green

 Homeowners Forum

 Other Business

  1. Management – Reports
  2. Correspondence – Homeowners

 Next Board Meeting – Regular Board meeting November 13, 2020 at 9:30 AM via ZOOM.