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Another year, another term as President.

First of all- thank you all for participating in the Annual HOA Meeting last month!
I’d like to welcome Tony Michaelis to the Board and also THANK Leo Schlesinger for his dedication to Board.

This week you will begin seeing your new black streets. Remember that you may not start to enjoy using them for at least 24 hours following application of the slurry seal. For a week or more avoid turning your wheels unless your vehicle is moving. This will scar the newsurface. Don’t stop and turn, let your vehicle roll slowly while you turn.

Ready to get hot? The summer heat is going to begin in earnest this month. And with the heat the desert plants are going to be in full bloom. As far as Montage is concerned this means time to trim palm trees. The Board will be approving the pruning of the perimeter and entrance palm trees at their May 10 meeting. Homeowners should also be scheduling the pruning of their palms.

Also at their May 10th meeting the Board will be acting on the community feedback received at the Annual Homeowners Meeting last month. This includes reviewing proposals for options to improve lighting of the new palm tree crowns. Be patient, there are only 10 of the total of 56 new perimeter palms that have been installed to date. The other 46 will be installed over the next 8 years in accordance with the approved plan.

The required comment period for homeowner feedback on the proposed updated Painting Policy will be concluding soon. If you have comments/suggestions for consideration by the Board prior to adoption of an updated Painting Policy they need to be submitted to Shelly at PPM . The proposed updated policy is available on the Montage website