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Happy New Year! As the New Year springs with hope for a harmonious and fruitful coming year within our community!

At our January meeting, the Board will be taking necessary steps for the March Annual Homeowner’sMeeting. At that meeting, three Board positions will be elected to serve the following two years. Self- nomination forms will be sent to all homeowners in early January. Ballots for the election will also be sent in February. If you believe there is a need for any propositions, to be included on the ballot for a vote by the community, please send the item to Shelly, our Community Manager, before the end of January.

The A & L Committee is in the process of developing an update to the current Board Painting Policy. Their initial proposal will be discussed at the January 10th Board meeting. They will be proposing more color pallets as options for painting homes within Montage.

The Board has again requested the annual arborist study of the perimeter palm trees to be discussed at the January Board meeting. This will become the basis of work on the perimeter Palm Tree Plan for this coming year. As previously stated the Board energetically began the ten year program last year and spent the first two years of planned funding for necessary projects to remove current dangers and extend the life of the remaining palms. Therefore, only minimal work will be done during 2019 in order to build up the reserves.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the March 23rd Annual Homeowners Meeting.