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By Tom Tousignant, President

Another year, another President. I’m back as your President.

If you haven’t heard, Nick Nickerson did not run in the 2018 Board election. He revealed his reason after the election – he is moving. This is a significant loss to the community. Nick has served on the Board for two terms. During 2011 and 2012 as Treasurer, 2013 as Vice President. Then again in 2017 as President. He has provided significant contributions of his Civil Engineering expertise in the design and construction supervision of the drainage system to eliminate “Lake Montage”, remediation of the slope failures in the detention basin and the annual survey of the community assets for the Reserve Study.

Most directly effecting all of you – he has been the sole person that has been programming your vehicles for entry into the Montage gates and assisting in programming you garage door openers. Until someone step up to volunteer to continue this task it may become quite expensive for individual homeowners requiring this service.

Now moving forward I hope that the new Board and I can lead the community to be a better place. But we cannot do it without you help. We are in need of volunteers to participate in the operation of the community. And, most important, we need your input on problems you observe within the community. This includes relaying problems with the gates, fountains, landscaping, etc. Also, problems with community service providers including PPM, Burrtec, Conserve LandCare, Martin Sweeping, etc. And most important problems/conflicts between homeowners or groups within the community – with a recent change in the State law the Board now has some responsibility to address this type of problem. But to address any of the above problems we need you to report them in an accurate, timely manner.

Please see the Contact Information at the end of every Newsletter for where you can report problems.

I look forward to a productive year of participation by all in making Montage at Mission Hills the community we are envied for living in.