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By Michelle Madison, President & Newsletter Editor-

Spring is just around the corner!

We have had a very busy last couple of months as the board prepares to share with you the details of key items coming up at our Homeowners meeting. This year our meeting is taking place at Cathedral City Library. Jo Ann our welcome committee chair shares more details in the news article.

All homeowners should have received your ballots in the mail for the nomination of new board members. If not please contact PPM for more information. There are more details in this newsletter.

In the last several newsletters we have mentioned the series of updates regarding the Proposed Governing Documents. Nick Nickerson will be presenting details at the Annual Homeowners meeting. This is a great opportunity for any questions you may have to be answered. Please see the article in this newsletter that Nick and Tom have prepared on this topic and other key topics we will be discussing at the meeting.

In keeping with our “Question from a Homeowner” -There are multiple dogs near and these dogs are barking constantly, for hours on end, sometimes all day. I believe that the owners may not be aware of how loud and how long the barking goes on. I would be happy to give them a call. Other than that, what is the procedure to get this dealt with? Dogs barking constantly can be a nuisance. Ideally you should address the issue with our neighbor directly and hopefully resolve the issue. But if it continues, please seek assistance! Contact a board member and or PPM to help facilitate and address the issue. This also applies to pet owners not picking up after your pet. We still have pet owners allowing their pets to relieve themselves on other neighbor’s yards and not picking it up. Please be considerate of your neighbors and pick up after your pet.

I have enjoyed “Questions from the Homeowners” as this will be my last newsletter and board term. I will be handing off my duties to the next President and board members. Please continue to voice your concerns and questions to the board in the future. I have enjoyed working with everyone. It has been a pleasure serving as a board member for our Montage community. Thank you for the opportunity!