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By Michelle Madison, President & Newsletter Editor-

This is going to be quite a busy season for the Montage HOA. Socially, our first Holiday Dinner is coming up at Mission Hills Country Club in December and within this newsletter we begin our first series of Proposed Governing Document updates. Homeowners will be receiving notification of the adopted 2017 Budget and approved 2017 Reserve Study in the required mailing of the “Annual Budget Report” and “Annual Policy Statement” documents that will be emailed the end of November. Please be sure that Personalized Property Management (PPM) has your current email and preferred mailing address on file. We will also be utilizing the website for information.

Welcome back to some of our seasonal homeowners! While some of our neighbors have returned, we do have some that have not done so just yet and so we ask that you continue to be on the lookout for any unusual activity and report that information to PPM. In addition, we would like to remind homeowners to be considerate of your neighbors with after-hours noise. Our community CC&R’s require noisy activities to cease at 10:00pm, which is consistent with Cathedral City Noise Ordinances. Any reports of continued disturbance should be reported to the Cathedral City Police dept.

This newsletters “Question from a Homeowner” is one a lot of association members are wondering about. “I just wanted to ask if you think this new vacation rental ordinance Cathedral City has passed will help us here at Montage to better control short term rentals?” The short answer is yes. Tom Tousignant shares a brief overview article regarding the Cathedral City Vacation Rental Rules later in this newsletter. It has more detailed answers to this question.

Please be sure to visit and view the Q&A. You will find other questions plus forms for your various needs.

We thank you in advance for considering your neighbors during the upcoming holidays. If you have a “Question from a Homeowner” please feel free to submit it via email to the Board or PPM.

Homeowners are always welcome and encouraged to attend our HOA board meetings. The next one will be Thursday November 10th, 9:30am at the PPM offices.NO