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Labor Day the “unofficial end of summer”, a time when most school districts resume classes or celebrate the first three-day weekend of the school calendar. Labor day always made me feel that this was the last weekend to officially wear white clothes. And let’s not forget the labor day weekend summer sales! Labor Day for some of us here in Montage it is a reminder for us to start preparing for the season. Cleaning patio furniture for the soon to be cooler days and evenings. Having the solar panels cleaned after the recent summer dust storms. Babying our plants with the extra hand watering and shade cloth’s in hopes that they may survive the summer heat into the fall.

Actually, homeowners have been quite busy this summer with landscaping projects, solar installations and exterior home painting projects. Because of these activities our streets may have more dirt and debris than normal. We ask that you are mindful of the Friday street sweeping day and ask your guest and service workers to limit parking on the street that day.

In light of the most asked question this month here is our “Question from a Homeowner”- I have a leak in my pool, requiring it to be drained, to be fixed.  I don’t know whom to contact to get approval.  Could you let me know?

Technically, a permit at a cost of $2.50 is required.  However, the purpose of the permit is to simply have the appropriate contact information in the event that an issue arises.  If the HOA is managing the process, like PPM does, and no water is leaving the community onto public streets, the City of Cathedral City does not require a permit.  Water discharged from Montage Pools goes into the street and finds it way to Montage detention basin. The Association does have the right to issue a permit if the HOA deems it really necessary. You don’t need a variance request. We simply ask that you notify Shelly and Jasmine at Personalized Property Management via email or by a phone call to let them know the date that you plan to drain your pool. At least a week notice is suggested so that we don’t have a conflict with other pools draining all at once into the basin.

You can go to if you have other questions or need forms for your various needs.

We thank you in advance for considering your neighbors for another holiday weekend and wish you a happy and safe labor day! If you have a “Question from a Homeowner” please feel free to submit it via email to the Board or PPM.

Homeowners are always welcome and encouraged to attend our HOA board meetings. The next one will be Thursday September 9th, 9:30am at the PPM offices.

By Michelle Madison, President & Newsletter Editor-