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The summer is here and the heat and the drought are things we seem to be constantly reminded of in conversations and the media. Most of us have taken measures to conserve and scale back our water usage but we still see water run off and seeming indifference to the guidelines imposed by the Governor and the Coachella Valley Water District.

As we look for ways to cut water usage we seem to have been forcefully encouraged as the newly installed pumps for the fountains at both gates were stolen during the Memorial Day Weekend. Yes, we have insurance against this kind of loss but it is disconcerting to have this happen. We have heard the usual suggestions toward additional security efforts. Thefts like this are seldom prevented nor solved by any of the many options available to us. All can be defeated relatively easily and as we have seen throughout the valley . . . When someone wants to get something through theft, they can and seldom do they ever get caught or convicted. Our most effective action is to take a photo when we see something being done and then share it should something be reported. We are our own heroes and security system. In our digital age this is a great way to note things happening around us as we never know if it may be the key to solving a situation.

The Board has received an estimate of approximately $3,500 for replacing the pumps. Given the current focus on water conservation the Board will be considering the conversion of the fountains to planters (with the possibility of restoring the fountain functionality in the future) at the July Board meeting. If you have options or input you would like the Board to consider email the Community Manager, Shelly Ruegsegger, or please attend the meeting.

Also at the July Board meeting the Board will be considering the conversion of the grass area at the Gerald Ford DaVall corner to desert scape. While we are not using much water on the grass, it will possibly be a future pubic relation/image problem for Montage not to take this water conservation action.