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If you ask any resident, “What do you want the Board to do?” The response usually focuses on something someone is doing that the respondent doesn’t like. Whether it is parking, types of vehicles, garage doors, landscaping, pets, and etc. There can follow a rather impassioned discussion of rules that should be made and actions that should be taken, including court action, to prove that the Board has “Power” and “Teeth” behind their words. Often, these comments are from residents that do not attend annual meetings, do not read the newsletters, do not know or communicate with their neighbors and complain about what others should do.

As a Board . . . We are legally bound to put our personal opinions subservient to the actions to take in the best interest of the HOA. I know there are things each of us may feel strongly about and would like to see addressed but . . . When you think about a corresponding rule you also have to think about enforcement. One needs to realize that existing local, state and federal laws and regulations, ordinances and definitions as well as interpretation and application of those statutes can limit actions to be initiated or taken.

As we get ready to distribute the updated (and in a few instances changed) CC&Rs, We would ask you to think of the entire CID / HOA (Common Interest Development / Home Owner Association) and look to the overall purpose of this document. We also have By-laws and Rules and Regulations that support the overall guidelines we have put in place to set an agreed upon life‐style in which we want to live.

Any action taken, and guideline enforced, any fine levied is in accordance with these agreed upon documents. These are not to be used as weapons and means with which to ‘go after’ someone. And of course now matter how will written, there are always grey areas and exceptions as the world evolves and things change. Not everything will conform to the ideas and best intentions of documents so interpretation and application of these guidelines are not always clear‐cut and considerations of daily life intrude on the black and white interpretations that seemly should be so easy to apply.

The Board, in concert with our advising attorney and the property management company, has partnered to bring to you a set of CC&Rs conforming to all the changes in state law and which reflects changes and challenges of community living.


Another change has taken place as Mr. Robert Fouyer has resigned as a board member. He will continue working with the Architecture & Landscape committee until a new chairperson can be found. Ms. Mary Weiler has been duly appointed by the Board to fill the remaining term of Mr. Fouyer. Mr. Leo Schlesinger has been appointed to complete the term of newly appointed Board member, Thomas Reed who resigned due to increased business time commitments.