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We find ourselves in the last part of the summer. We have had some short but significant cloud bursts delivering a high volume of precipitation in a short duration filling our streets and causing an accumulation for a few hours in the retention basin. It was great to see that changes made to it a couple of years back have it working as it should. (Thank you Nick Nickerson)

I have included a short summary of the Water Use Regulations that began on August 1st. We have worked to address the automatic watering overflow for some of our residents over the past months and in light of the new restrictions . . . These still occurring flows become more and more of a concern. As the water flows in our gutters the accumulating leaf matter dams the streams in places where they eventually cause degradation of our street surfaces. So, even these seemingly minor over watering become something affecting us all, and the life and cost of maintaining our streets.

If we/you have neighbors that are seasonal or away much of the time . . . Please let them know or let the gardeners know that the watering needs to be adjusted. There are situations where the sprinkler heads do overlap hard surfaces and at times it can’t be helped. However, shorter time for watering or a different frequency of watering can help. By water standards here in the valley . . . Most lawns are being overwatered.

As the summer winds down we will also find attention turning to the pruning of trees. In walking around the Montage we can see trees growing low over the street causing difficulty for the street sweeper and delivery vehicles to pass. Attention needs to be paid to make sure the trees are pruned/shaped rather than improperly topped. Many of us have replaced fast growing inappropriate plantings with those more in keeping with our climate and watering concerns. Be sure to check with the Architecture and Landscape Committee before making changes.

Once again we are getting complaints regarding pets and the inappropriate use of lawns and property of homeowners. Even if the droppings are picked up . . . It is still contrary to our rules to let them be on others’ property. The only common areas in which they can do their duty is on the streets, the retention basin and the perimeter. Of course, droppings must be retrieved and disposed properly. No one wants to have to be a policeman in the enforcement of these guidelines but if reported we have to follow through with fines and etc. Please be respectful of other people’s property.

We want and need more residents to become involved in the various committees here in the Montage. Usually this involvement takes very little time but makes a major impact for all of us. Let me or other board members or committee people know if you are willing to step up and take part in the betterment of the Montage.